Why Switch to Solar Energy Works: The Role of a Solar Energy Company

01 October 2021

 It is no secret that the world needs to find cleaner sources of energy to reduce the effects of global warming. The good news is that solar power provides a viable option for many countries, including Australia. Solar power has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years because it's environmentally friendly. There are plenty of companies out there that specialize in installing solar panels on homes or businesses. However, people often wonder, "How does solar energy work?" This article will explore how solar energy works and why you should get started with your installation to help preserve our environment!

What is the energy consumption in Australia?

The average person spends more than 1/3rd of their life at home (approximately 45-50 years) and the cost of spending this much time at home averages around  $300,000 to $400,000. It means that the average person spends upwards of a million dollars on their home throughout their lives! With this much money being spent, it makes sense that people would want to make sure they do what they can to protect their investment and save as much energy as possible.

The average energy consumption of a family of five in Australia averages around  12,000 kWh annually. It means that the average family spends around $2000 AUD on their power bills every year! Suppose homeowners can harness solar energy and use it to supplement or even replace traditional forms of power consumption. In that case, they stand a much better chance at lowering their monthly costs and improving their quality of life, and they will save around $2000 AUD on their energy bills annually.

What is the state of solar energy in the country?

 In Australia, the state of solar energy use is excellent. According to the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, “the average price for solar PV is now approximately $0.38 per watt (or 38 cents/watt)” compared with about $20 AUD in 2012! It means that homeowners can pay off their initial costs within just two years if they look into installing. The main reason for this is the amount of sunlight the country gets compared to the other countries in Europe or North America.

At the moment, the incentives in Australia to shift to solar energy, such as rebates and tax credits, are still available. The Australian government is also incentivizing companies with a reduced cost of power by paying them the difference between what they pay for wholesale electricity and what they charge customers. This has helped lead to the expansion of solar energy use throughout  Australia.

Are there solar energy companies currently working together with the government to help increase the use of solar power?

Yes, Australia benefits greatly from having a solar energy company that specializes in selling and installing solar panels because they quickly promote the shift to solar power. These companies provide helpful information on installation costs and the benefits of doing so, which has helped lead to the amount of solar energy being used throughout Australia.

This is why we need to have a renewable source like solar power available because they can help reduce greenhouse gases and offer other benefits such as making them less expensive than using coal-fired electricity plants or other sources that are steadily depleting over the years.

When is the right time to shift to solar energy?

Despite the current situation today, especially with the lockdowns and the constant pandemic threat,  now is the right time to start solar. Because of the lockdowns, energy bills in Australia have increased to the point where they are already unaffordable for many families, and so it would be a great time to start going solar because you will get free energy from the sun. If a family installs solar panels now, they will reap the benefits now, that is, a source of renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants in our atmosphere, and decreasing its harmful effects on human health.

How do you start to shift to solar power?

 Shifting to solar power is a big decision, but its benefits are far better than the cost, and many solar companies will give you a good deal. The role of a solar energy company is crucial because they can advise on how to power your home with renewable sources such as wind or solar. In Australia, many solar energy companies provide residential and commercial solar energy options. You just need to assess your energy consumption and let them calculate what kind of capacity you need and how much it will cost.

Solar power is a good thing, but sometimes solar panels can be cumbersome because many companies are not available to provide services in remote places or even on roofs of houses with lots of trees around them. In such cases, you may need to look for another company that provides portable solar. Your surroundings will significantly impact the installation cost, so it's good to be informed before signing up with any company.

Once you know what kind of power production is needed and how much money you're able to spend on solar energy services, the only thing left for your solar energy companies can install panels to work efficiently according to your needs.


Every solar energy company is the answer to the growing crisis on energy. Suppose we are to shift totally to solar power. In that case, we can change the course of history and begin the lengthy restoration and rehabilitation process of our environment, which humanity has abused for hundreds of years.


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