Window covering solutions for multi-functional living spaces

18 October 2023

There has been a transformative shift in the way we use our homes in recent years as our lifestyles have evolved, and Australian homeowners are increasingly looking to incorporate flexible and adaptable spaces in their home’s design.

Whether it’s to allow for remote working, accommodating in-laws and guests, entertaining or relaxing, multipurpose rooms have fast become a practical response to our modern lifestyle needs.

Common flexible spaces include rooms that can be combined, a communal lounge that becomes a black out media room and dining rooms that become home offices. Zones are also a popular design concept for large open plan spaces that include kitchen, dining and living, where family members can cook, play or do homework all in the same space.

“One of the key elements when designing a multipurpose room is the right choice of window covering,” Luxaflex Window Fashions marketing communications manager Vera Meharg says.

“Window coverings are a great way to hide or create zones, offering flexible design solutions. Not only do window coverings can make a space feel finished aesthetically they can also transform a room’s function.”

Here, window dressing experts, Luxaflex Window Fashions outline some key considerations when designing specific multipurpose rooms.

Guest or in-law suite

“Envisioning how a room will be used is the starting point for a multi-functional room. From there you can decide the style of the room, and what elements are needed in the space to make it work,” Vera says.

Ensuring the space is easily converted helps to maximise its multifunctional purpose. If creating a guest suite or in-law quarters is needed, with a few structural changes, a room can be adapted into a stunning and relaxing retreat.

Built-in niches that serve as extra lounge areas during the day can easily be transformed into private sleeping areas at night. Sitting cleanly behind built-in arches, curtains such as Luxaflex Chloe Sheer Curtains can then be opened or closed, depending on how the room is being used.

While offering a practical element in line with the room’s purpose, to provide extra accommodation, the soft, sheer curtains marry perfectly with the neutral palette along with textured soft furnishings, lighting, and greenery, resulting in a cosy and peaceful sanctuary for your guests to retreat to.

Home Office and Media Room

As working from home has become the norm for many, the concept of a home office has evolved considerably. Many people don’t have the space to create a dedicated room, so kitchens, dining tables and other areas of our homes are doubling up as workspaces.

No matter where you set up shop, your workspace needs to be well-lit to make it comfortable and inviting.

“Natural light and the right window treatments will help to maximise the space and play a big role in creating not only a pleasing atmosphere for when you’re not working but a productive one for when you are, and choosing a window dressing that offers light and privacy control will make a big difference,” says Vera.

“Sheer fabrics are a great solution and Luxaflex Pirouette Shades, which feature softly curved horizontal fabric vanes that are linked to a sheer backdrop, can be easily tilted to make the most of the light as well as obscure any outdoor distractions.”

When complete privacy is needed, the contoured vanes can be flattened and closed to transform the space back into a cosy and relaxing living area.  The level of privacy can be customised through the choice of room darkening fabric opacities making them ideal for a media room.

Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms are quintessential to Australian living and championing a seamless indoor-outdoor flow is key to extending your family living zone. Complementary tones and textures can be incorporated into the interior and exterior design to enable a multifunctional space that allows for relaxing or entertaining all year round.

“When defining an indoor-outdoor space, it’s important to think about how the doorway is used for everyday living, and make sure that window furnishing choices are not only about aesthetics but are functional as well,” says Vera.

With the right window covering you can relax the boundary between the two areas. Luxaflex Lumishade Window Coverings combine the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing.

The vertical blind is ideal for high traffic doorways, and the lightweight woven fabric adds a further layer of softness cocooning the space when needed to block out the sun while still soaking up all the benefits of natural light and fresh breezes.

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