Window Glass Replacement | Complete Guide For Homeowners Adelaide

31 May 2022

Significance Of Glass Window Repair & Replacement

A broken or cracked glass window can ruin the beauty of your entire room. Apart from the aesthetic reasons, a new glass brings many benefits along. But glass replacement Adelaide is also a great opportunity to upgrade your window. And when there are tons of beautiful innovative options, it is an interesting process. Modern glazing technology offers us plenty of low-maintenance and energy-efficient glasses to protect and adorn our decors. 

This post discusses prominent styles of glass for windows. Get proper knowledge of the types and styles of glasses. And you will be more confident while choosing new glasses for your windows. Because ample choices are most likely to confuse you. Glaziers in Adelaide today offer excellent options when it comes to high-quality glasses for windows. Huge varieties of printed, plain, textured, and leadlights are adorning modern applications. Let us have a peek into all these styles. 

Understanding Types Of Window Glasses

Before you replace your window glasses, it is important to understand various options. Most of considering frame materials and designs but not the glass itself. Let us understand the different types of glass and their features before you hire glaziers for glass repair Adelaide.   

  1. Double & Triple Glazed Glasses

Single glazing is fixing one pane of glass in a frame. In double glazing, the frame has two panes with a spacer separating them. Triple glazing involves three panes of glass in a frame. Yes, these are the same as insulating windows. As they increase energy efficiency. They can be further tinted to stop the glare from outside.  

2. Low-E Glass

Low-E glasses are glasses with low emissivity. Unlike normal glasses, they do not release lots of heat. They emit less heat and transfer heat at a reduced rate. All glasses including laminated, toughened, and float can be made low-emissivity. Low-e glass is energy savings as they emit less heat. 

3. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass involves two or more layers of glass with an interlayer of film between them. They provide better safety at the time of breakage. These are stronger when compared to toughened and float glasses. These glasses are also great to block illegal entries. They are not easily breakable by intruders. 

4. Toughened Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is one of the best safety window glasses. Quality is very similar to the laminated ones. But toughened quality withstand impact without shattering. Any of the good glaziers Adelaide will recommend you this glass for windows and splashbacks. 

5. Float Glass Window

Float glass is one of the most common window glass types. Also known as clear glass and annealed glass, It is quite prevalent in Australian homes. Float glass is known for its accurate clarity and flatness. However, it should be having at least 4 mm thickness. Since it shatters into sharp shards in the case of breakage, it can be laminated or toughened for better safety. There are patterned and tinted float glasses (colored) to reduce the transparency without blocking the transmission of light. 

6. Tinted Glass Windows

These glasses come with an inbuilt tint. These glass windows effectively provide privacy by reducing visibility and also reduces glare. Tinted glasses are not blocking heat when compared to clear glass with a solar film. Yet a good sun-protection glass replacement option.

When You Should Consider Replacing Your Window Glasses

There may be many reasons to get the glass window replacement. We have listed some of the best reasons to consider replacing your windows. 

  1. If you think you need to transform your dull and dingy decor without spending huge money on refurbishment.
  2. If you see a sudden spike in your energy bills. A broken or damaged window may allow the heat and turn your room into a hotter place.  
  3. The wooden frames in your windows are rotten and cannot be repaired, you need to replace them.
  4. If you are facing trouble in closing or opening and locking old windows. Such windows may pose a threat to your properties. 
  5. If your window glasses are around 8-10 years old, upgrade them. Replace them with new glasses windows. Because the newer glazing technology offers highly energy-efficient glasses. 

Also, if your windows are very old, keep checking them for the leakages around the frame. This may lead to high energy bills. If you are facing any of the above issues, contact glass suppliers Adelaide for high-quality glass for windows.

Benefits Of Window Glass Replacement

There are many benefits of glass replacement in your existing windows. A lot happens when you refurbish even a small part of your decor. 

  1. Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Decor

Replacing the worn-out window with a new window is a great way to upgrade the looks of your room. Think about the magic a new leadlight glass can make happen! If your window frames are also worn out, you can consider replacing the entire window.

  1. Gives Cost-Efficient Option

If you are refurbishing your home, never overlook the windows. If you do not wish to replace the full window, just replace the glass. Especially if the window frames are not worn out, you can save by simply replacing the panes.     

  1. Increases Energy Efficiency

Double or triple glazed insulated glasses are energy-efficient against the normal glass. With less heat transmitted into your room, you can keep your room cooler. Replacing very old poor window frames and single panes thus gives huge benefits. 

  1. Get Low Maintenance Windows

Replacing single-pane aluminum windows with new maintenance-free options is a good idea. After all, we all are too busy to clean our windows now and then. 

  1. Better Safety

Ignoring cracked and damaged glass can be dangerous. Cracked glass or damaged windows can also mean an easy entry to intruders. Also, a loose pane may result in a sudden crash and harm your safety. Timely repair and replacement of such panes and windows are important. 


And last but not the least, do hire a reputed and experienced glazier. A high-quality glass replacement should be coupled with accurate service. The sizing and installation are equally significant. We are sure this is going to help you if you are in two minds about replacing your existing window glasses. A good glazing company will also take care of the Australian regulations related to the installation of glasses in residences and commercial places. 

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