Window regulations & labels

Windows are one of the many aspects of a house that are rarely replaced. That’s why it’s important when building a new home or renovating that you choose windows that will stand the test of time and meet relevant building regulations. Poorly chosen and non compliant windows can also have a significant impact on the look and comfort of your home and cost you a lot of money in the long term.

By reviewing the requirements listed below, you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to make an informed decision when it comes to making sure you’ve got the rights windows installed.

Safety glass

Safety glass requirements

Windows bring natural light and fresh air into our homes as well as offering views that connect the inside to the great outdoors. However, window related accidents and security...

Australian standards logo

Window & glass regulations

All window manufacturers in Australia are required under the Building Code of Australia to produce windows and doors that meet certain requirements. These requirements are...

Compliant windows

Do your windows comply?

All Australian windows and doors must meet minimum requirements under Australian building regulations. To ensure they can withstand Australian conditions...

Bushfire safety and windows

Devastating bushfires are unfortunately an all too common occurrence across Australia.
In response to recent bushfire attacks a revised building standard has been...