Wire shelving systems

What are wire shelving systems?

Wire shelving systems are modular systems. A series of tracks are connected to the wall that shelves, baskets, and racks are then hung from.

Wire shelving systems are easy to adapt to your needs. As a modular system, you can choose from shelves, baskets or racks and incorporate them in whatever configuration you need.

While wire shelving is very practical, some people do not find it very attractive. But used in non-public areas, such as garages, pantries, and wardrobes, it provides an excellent storage solution.

Wire shelving is also relatively easy to install, based as it is on a track system that is fixed to the wall and the modular components are then connected to this system.


To install a wire shelving system:

  1. Design your shelving system.
  2. Locate and mark the studs in the wall.
  3. Fix the horizontal track to one of the central studs.
  4. Level the track with the aid of a spirit level.
  5. Fix the track to the other studs.
  6. Attach the vertical standards. Standards must be no more than 60cm apart and no more than 10cm from the end of the shelf.
  7. Attach your shelving components.

If you’re cutting the tracks, standards, and shelving components, cover the cut ends with the caps to prevent inadvertent scratches and cuts from occurring.

  • Easy to install
  • Allow light through
  • Very versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Not strong enough for heavy objects
  • Wire can rust