Wood heater installation regulations

I'm looking at installing a wood heater in an existing home in QLD. Does anyone know where I can find information about the regulations regarding installation? For example: flooring, position from walls, whether the walls need to be firecheck...? Thanks.

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Hi Amber,

Demi Brown, from the Australian Home Heating Association (, has this advice:

"Installation of a wood heater should be undertaken by a person qualified to do so. Installation instructions are provided with the wood heater when purchased but if this is a second hand unit, I would check if the unit been tested to the Australian Standard and if it complies with the requirements of emissions and efficiency.

There are specific safety clearances provided when the unit is tested and these must be adhered to when installing any wood heater. My recommendation is to go back to the retailer you purchased your unit from and ask if they are able to install it or refer you to an installer who can safely install this in your home. Second hand units, particularly those that may be older than 10 years, could be unsafe and should not be installed."

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