5 Great Kitchen Trends in 2022 – Take a Peek at the New Look

30 June 2022

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With cool new kitchen brands coming up all the time and plenty of innovative design ideas for the heart of the home, the kitchen finally gets the attention it deserves with a lot of on-trend looks to choose from. If you’re interested in renovating your interior, but you’re unsure of what’s on-trend, here are some of the greatest kitchen trends in 2022 to inspire your next kitchen to remodel.

Minimalist design

One of the greatest kitchen trends today is incorporating a modern design which refers to a clutter-free, sleek, and streamlined kitchen. Taking the less is more approach, you should remove needless stuff that clutters your space or that intrudes on the overall design. Try including handless doors, simple color options, and also grouping items like appliances together with other things you can often find in a kitchen like food, boxes, bottles, and tins. There are plenty of modern designs that are ideal for everyone who is a fan of minimalism.

Increase the size of your sink

Although people are used to having dishwashers being part of their daily routines, it’s still necessary to wash the large items that can’t fit inside. Consider purchasing large bowls, when it comes to sinks. What’s in demand when it comes to color and finishing touches is copper and gold. Take into account that people will always search for scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean sinks, particularly where there’s a lot of limescale. Try mixing ceramic sinks which are always in the mix, to help keep things tidy, with under-mounted sinks. Even though black or gold taps may be someone’s favorite, it’s recommended to first decide on things like handles, and then match the taps to other items. To get the sink hooked up, you can turn to experts like those from Hello Plumbing to ensure everything is done properly.

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Statement-making stone

In modern kitchen designs, it’s popular to utilize and fabricate stone in original ways. There are different designs which include things like stone cabinet pulls, fluted countertop edges, stone around windows, and more. Fans of minimalism and neutral colors can search for a show-stopping stone to use as a countertop or even the base of a kitchen island which generates a visual interest and a more layered look. However, recently, you can see that there are some dramatic elements included in the kitchen design. You may see that subtle surfaces have been replaced with natural stones with a dramatic and heavy touch, like integrated stone and marble sinks made of the same material as the countertop surfaces. So, if you’re wondering how to renovate a kitchen with natural stone, you can find plenty of ideas on how to do that.

Modern and traditional

It isn’t often that easy to opt for either just a modern or a traditional kitchen. Today, people choose to infuse the two to have the advantages of both. At the same time incorporating all the charm and character of the traditional kitchen and taking all the functional and stylish parts of a contemporary design can be the ideal mixture for you. For instance, you could opt for a more modern design and introduce some vintage or antique furniture which instantly creates an effect of a warm home environment. The apparent choice for a traditional look is including farmhouse kitchen furniture like a scrubbed kitchen table or a hutch, which are timeless antique pieces that will add character to a new kitchen.

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Green is here to stay

If the proclamations from major paint companies on their 2022 colors of the year indicate anything, the crucial design element for kitchens in 2022 is bringing the beauty of nature into your home. You’ll have no problem picking from many shades of green that are now being used in kitchen designs. In case you love a bright citrus-inspired design or nature-influenced earthy color palettes, you’ll surely consider adding a dash of greenery to your kitchen. Whether you prefer green olive shades or a moody, muted green, have no doubt that the future is looking bright for green interiors, particularly for the kitchen. By investing in any element of the kitchen, you’ll see that it’s priceless not only during your stay in your home but also for adding value for resale. So, be inspired to make good style choices for your home by taking a peek at the current kitchen trends and designs.

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