Bathroom Tile Designs that Define Elegance!

21 July 2021

Sorting out tiles for a bathroom’s remodeling isn't a simple task anymore. We are spoiled for choices these days; there're a number of options available in design, shape, colour, and texture and deciding on one can get overwhelming. Earlier, tiles were mostly picked up on the basis of their functional benefits like resistance to water, durability, and low maintenance but today, their aesthetic and visual impact is considered as important as their function. Perhaps that’s why most of the manufacturers have expanded their selections to supply different styles to homeowners.

Whether you wish to give your bathroom a spa-like sensibility or bring some drama into an enclosed powder room, there's definitely a scope to amp-up an otherwise plain and usual bathroom. There is a wide range of designer bathroom tiles of fresh and interesting patterns, a dash of colour, and unconventional shapes.

Modern Bathroom


Following are the most recent trends in bathroom makeovers. Choose the one that defines you and your space well.

  1. Graphic Pattern Tiles
    Whether on the floor or the wall, an accent tile can be used in any room. Whether in soft, light and subtle hues or bold, contrasting, and statement colours, the intricate patterns available in these tiles are attractive. This trend is a favourite on our list because it leaves a lasting impact. It’s safe to mention that graphic pattern tiles are designed to be used anywhere, especially in a bathroom. This style gives homeowners a prospect to explore.

  2. Wooden Bathroom Tiles
    Wooden planks are making a splash in the marketplace. Non-traditional tile sizes are gaining popularity now. Most of the people are going for larger tiles but with planking, one can customise the dimensions. Usually its width is 6″, but the length may vary from 12″ to 48″ long allowing you to make ornate patterns like herringbone. While tiles that look like oak, maple, and cherry wood are common, there are many other finishes available that look distressed, weathered, and white washed.

    Porcelain wood-look tiles are perfect for the bathroom, since it offers impeccable stain and water resistance without compromising on design and aesthetics. The wood-look tiles accentuate the look of the space and give it an earthy vibe. For a more compelling look, you might want to try mixing natural stone planks and other materials like concrete with the wood grains. This adds an unexpected but visually appealing style to the flooring.

  3. Texture Bathroom Tiles

    Add variation, colour depth, and character to any area of your bathroom by incorporating textured field tile. Textures can appear subtle or pronounced depending on the base material used and the final finish.

    3-dimensional tiles give a different look to the space; it looks more like an art when done! These tiles come in varied shapes, sizes, and designs which can be combined to make endless combinations for one-of-a-kind look. These sorts of tiles create new focal points within the house using distinctive tile pieces and applications as diverse as a dining room wall.

    textured wall tiles


  4. Large Bathroom Tiles

    Tiles are getting larger day by day. There are now porcelain large formats which may replace stone in shower cubicles or on a kitchen backsplash. It can be tough to put this tile properly and there's a shortage of qualified and experienced installers to do this job.

  5. Mosaic Bathroom Tiles
    Mosaic tiles are one of the most popular choices when it comes to bathrooms. The tiny size of the individual tile conforms to the slope and shape of the shower floor better than a bigger tile. There are also much more grout lines present in between mosaic tiles, offering much-needed slip resistance within the shower.

  6. Floral Bathroom Tiles
    When it comes to choosing the proper design for your bathroom, you might want to pick floral bathroom tiles to create a right contrast with other accessories. Diverse colours and styles are often incorporated within the bathroom tiles to create a well-balanced aesthetics within the space.

  7. Monochrome Tiles
    A monochrome bathroom can make a loud dramatic statement that’s modern and glamorous yet serene and soothing. You can choose just one small feature to be different to break away from the overall theme, or go with a single colour; it will be anything but boring!

  8. Neutral Tiles

    Contemporary designs make big use of neutral colours and this remains the case for 2021 bathroom tile trends. Bright colours like blue, red, and yellow aren't common in the bathroom space. Instead, homeowners are inclined towards neutral shades, particularly nude neutrals like grey and creams. Grey and beige became super popular as complimentary neutrals.

    These neutral shades help the mind to remain calm and relax. You can choose to use these colors starting from the flooring and all up to the ceiling. To make sure the bathroom doesn’t become lifeless, layer in several hues of neutrals with textures, shapes and/or different finishes to bring everything together in an exceptionally new way.

    Picking out the right tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. The variety available is huge and to choose what colour, finish, base material and shape to go for can be a task. 

Hi, I am Isha Tandon, and I have worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a Flooring Consultant Expert - specializing in tiles, stones, and terrazzo. I have worked with Orientbell Limited, and have recently joined the marketing team as their Digital Content Expert.


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