Bracket shelving

What are brackets?

Brackets are L-shaped pieces of metal that hold up the shelf. These come in a wide range of sizes, strengths, and finishes, making it easy to adapt to the needs and 'look' of your garage.The shelf itself can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Shelves placed on brackets can be installed anywhere, either as single shelves or in series to create a bookself. Brackets are esepecially useful for installing a single shelf where it's needed, for example a small shelf next to a door or running underneath a window.

Brackets can also provide additional storage by supporting a rail, as seen in the photo above.

How to choose a bracket

First and foremost, you need a bracket that will hold up the weight of your shelf and the items you wish to store there. Heavier items may need a bracket with bracing or that is made from a very strong material.

If its likely the bracket will get wet or moist it needs to be made from a material that will not rust or corrode, such as stainless steel or galvanised metal.

Once these two requires are met, you can choose any bracket that meets your apearance and budgetary requirements.

How to install a bracket shelf:

  1. Draw a horizonal line on the wall, marking where you want to the bottom of the shelf to sit.
  2. Find and mark where the wall studs are.
  3. Screw the brackets to the wall studs.
  4. Attached the shelf to the brackets.

Ideally you should have a bracket for every stud or every second stud - this ensures they're the right distance apart and that your shelf has enough support.

  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Various appearances available
  • Not ideal for very large or heavy objects
  • Can be time consuming to install