Cracks in walls and cornices

Hi sorry to bother u but my friend who lives on her own has just had cracks between cornices and walls repaired by a professional tradie a few months ago, and he said he used good quality filler which was moveable, she asked me why the cracks have opened again so soon which is rather disappointing to her, she is 77... This work was done just at the end of winter early spring. My reply to her was there must have been some great movement in her area such as a slight earthquake. etc I was wondering if this comment was correct or what would the reason be please ... thanks for yr time Noelene

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Hi Noelene,

It's hard to say without knowing more about the house, but there is a possibility that there's some soil movement under the house which might be affecting the subfloor (i.e. the slab or stumps). Here's a bit more info about seepage and settling.

If this is the case then patching cracks in the walls is only really treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. Could be a broken pipe (even from next door) affecting the moisture content of the soil under the house - could be something completely different.

We're not saying there's definitely a huge problem, but if the cracks have come back that quickly you should definitely get a registered builder to have a proper look at it in case there is something wrong.

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Keith Roberts

I agree with the previous answer – definitely keep an eye on those cracks. The characteristics that you want to keep an eye out for in cracks include 1) whether your windows or your doors no longer fit properly in the frame that they were fitted in, 2) whether cracks measure wider than 5 mm and 3) whether one side of the walls in your rooms is higher than the other side. Any of these is a good enough reason to call a local contractor. Read more:

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