External walls


External walls are the walls that make up the outside of your home. Because they play a role in supporting the weight of the roof and any upper storey, your external walls need to be strong. They must also be weatherproof. Time, moisture, soil condition and strong winds will test the performance of your external walls, so make sure they are built with the appropriate materials and that attention is paid to maintenance and repairs over the long term. Take advantage of the shape, style and orientation of your external walls to reduce bothersome noise and improve energy efficiency.

Party walls

Party walls are the walls that separate adjoining homes (for example, in duplex housing). Learn about how they're built, how they perform and why.

Building walls

Building walls are what we know best simply as the 'external walls' of a house. Find out more about what they are and how they're designed.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls help to hold earth in place so you can build on hills or other sloped surfaces. Find out how retaining walls work.