Faux Stone Walls: When Fake is better than Real!

23 November 2017

 Are you the kind of property owner, who loves to keep on enhancing the overall look of their rooms? If you are, then you will know that how difficult it is to give your walls a new look, while maintaining the aesthetic value of the property. On top of that, the cost of changing the look of the walls can truly put a dent in your bank accounts.

Have you heard about the fake stone wall covering ? It is a type of wall covering or panels that might not be made of actual stone, but definitely adds the aesthetic value of a real stone wall. It has grown in popularity and gained a place in the forerunner options to adorn the walls of many properties.


Stone walls can be a great addition and a part of any project, from a patio project to interior décor projects. It’s all about how you actually apply it and make it a part of your design. Stone Walls are a popular choice, but there are numerous issues that make it a problem for many. A faux stone wall has many more perks while maintaining the look of an actual stone wall.

o   Easy to handle:

Traditional stone is much heavier and installation is much tougher, whereas the faux stone covering is so much lighter and installation is like taking a walk in the park. You can install it on different kinds of the wall. These kinds of wallcoverings are easy to cut into the size that meets your requirements. So, not only do you save time, but also get rid of the hassles that come with installing an authentic stone wall.

o   Durable:

Did you know that though stone looks tough, it can bear some marks as it faces the environmental factors? On the other hand, a fake stone covering for your wall has a completely different composition, making it much more resistant to the environmental factors. In comparison to a traditional stone wall, a fake stone covering for the walls, are much more durable, making them last much longer.

o   Cost-Effective:

Have you ever taken a quotation for a stone wall? It can burn through your accounts and pockets. If you really want stone walls, then go for the more cost-effective option, the faux stone wall covering.

Are you concerned about the beauty of such economical wall coverings? Do not worry, because such wall coverings never compromise on the beauty of your walls. They just fare lighter in the pockets.

o   Great option for the Floors:

You could also use these for floor covering, giving your property an old world charm. Being lightweight and easy to install, it does not damage the structural integrity of the floors. Authentic Stone floors look amazing, but getting traditional stone flooring can damage the floors due to the fact that they are heavier and much more difficult to install.  


Are you considering a natural look for your walls? Stone Walls definitely give your property a natural look, but is it an intelligent decision to install traditional stone walls? This will require an entire renovation of the walls because installing authentic stone on your walls is not an easy task.

Apart from that, do you have any idea about the costs? Why would you want to burn a hole in your pocket over wall refurbishments? All you wish for is a natural stone look for the walls. For that, the faux or fake stone covering is the better option. It is cost-effective, easy to use and install, saving your energy, time and money.