Feature Brick Walls for Your Living Space to Tickle Your Fancy

21 December 2017

 Who would not want a beautiful wall for their living space? Every property owner has dreams of a mesmerizing living space. Bricks are usually a popular option to jazz up your living space.

Consider a feature brick wall for your living space and see the overall aesthetic feel of the room improve significantly. These walls are known to add a chic and modern feel to your room. You can make them a part of a single wall of the room, and enhance the look of the room. Such walls being economical ensures that a hole is not burnt in your pockets.


1.   Contrasting brick colors and tones: With the use of such contrasting shades, you will be able to add a dramatic look to the room. You could also shake it up a bit with different types of wall features along with the brick wall.

2.   Match interior brick wall with the exterior of your property: If you go ahead and match up the exterior and interior walls, then you can emanate a homely feeling even to the commercial properties. This can help create a warm and comfortable environment, both in residential and commercial properties.

3.   Darker Tones of Wall with light colored furniture: When you add a darker wall against the light-colored furniture, your room gets a spacious look. This makes the room much more comfortable as you feel that room is so much bigger.

4.   Red Brick Wall: Red brick walls will always emanate an old-world charm to your rooms. It is a colorful design for your walls that add personality to the room, impressing visitors to your property.

5.   Matchup darker and lighter bricks: With this, you will be able to add a certain degree of texture to the walls. This textured look can, in fact, enhance the look of the room.

6.   Brick Walls for your Bathroom: Whether you are taking a shower or going in for a bathtub soak, your bathroom might be one of the most important rooms, where you can relax and be yourself.  Why not change the look of that space and make it chic and modern!

7.   Brick Walls for your Office Space: Brick wall is not specific to any space, and can also lend your office space a lovely look which exudes a chic and modern feel, and add character and oomph factor as well.

8.   Adding brick wall to a single niche: You could add these walls to a single cavity, which is sure to lend the space a 3D-look and texture. You can apply this design to both small niches as well as larger niches.

9.   Adding light to the brick walls: Once you have installed your brick wall, you could add some lighting fixtures to the walls. This will help you to highlight the detail and designs that you have incorporated into your walls with brick.

10.   Black Bricks for the bathroom:  If you decide to add brick walls to your bathrooms, then do consider installing black ones. These bricks can lend the bathrooms an edgy and minimalist look.

These are just some of the many ideas, which can elevate the look of the property while using brick walls. To implement such lovely ideas, you need to first install a lovely brick wall. Have you considered faux wall panels? Authentic bricks have a tendency to chip and break upon impact, which is eliminated with faux wall panels. Some agencies also offer single bricks, so that you can let your creativity loose and create a unique and visibly beautiful living space. The options are huge, the effects exquisite. Wait no longer; install your brick walls to make your living space look the way you have always dreamt of.