Flatpack cupboards

For a quick, cheap solution for garage storage, flatpack cupboard units are ideal. Assembling should take less than an hour.

Many of the flatpack cupboard units available from hardware and big box stores are laminated chip or MDF board. This gives them an attractive finish, but makes them slightly more suspectable to damage, especially when they are moved. The screws holding the pieces together can loosen, reducing the strutural integrity of the cupboard.


Tips for assembling flatpack cupboards

  • Check all the neccessary components are included before you begin assembling and avoid heartbreak down the track.
  • Read the instructions through before you begin.
  • Ensure you've got a buddy helping you - the job will go faster, you'll be safer and the end result will be more stable.
  • Tighten all of your components as you go and check corners are square and shelves are level.
  • If using an electric drill to tighten the screws be very careful not to over tighten them.
  • Assemble the cupboard as close as you can to the final location.
  • Cheaper than other materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive
  • Are damaged easily
  • Often damaged when moved
  • Susceptible to damage by moisture