Flex-a-door garage doors



Flex-a-doors look a lot like sectional doors, but with a corrugated metal door instead.

What is a flex-a-door?

A flex-a-door looks much like a roller door as it is made of a metal curtain, but it acts like a sectional door as it is stored ‘flat’ and parallel against the ceiling.

Flex-A-Doors are generally made out of Colorbond steel and can therefore be finished in a variety of colours.

How do flex-a-doors work?

A flex-a-door consists of corrugated metal curtain running between two tracks. When raised, instead of rolling up like a roller door, it slides around a corner onto tracks that run parallel to the ceiling. The flexibility of the curtain allows it to ‘bend’ around the corner into the roof space.

By storing flat, a flex-a-door takes up less space than a roller door and its associated barrel and requires less headroom (the space between the top of the door cavity and the ceiling).


Where are flex-a-doors used?

Flex-a-doors are predominantly used for garages, especially those with minimal headroom (the space between the top of the door opening and the ceiling). Their high resistance to impact damage protects them from wayward bumps from vehicles, gardening equipment, and other machinery.

Flex-a-doors can be fitted with a weatherseal along the bottom to prevent water, leaves, and dirt from entering.

  • Hard wearing
  • Only a small amount of ceiling clearance is required
  • Does not require lateral space to open
  • Takes up space below the ceiling that could be used for storage.
  • Difficult to repaint
  • Can be more expensive than other options