Flower Power offers tips for drought-hit gardens

11 November 2019

Flower Power horticulturalist Octavia Jones has shared some tips for how to keep your garden alive during ongoing drought conditions and water restrictions.

Research has shown that Australians are very proud of their gardens, putting in hours of work each week, but many scale back their efforts due to water restrictions which can have adverse effects on health, wellbeing and the ecosystem.

There are products that can help to retain moisture in your soil.

Octavia says that no matter what size or shape a garden is, plants don’t just purify the air and reduce stress but are important during all climate conditions.

“Not only do plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide but also provide wildlife with habitats, create shade and play an important role in the water cycle.”

Flower Power recently opened the Milperra garden centre, a purpose-built facility that showcases world-class garden centre technology. Solar power and using an ultra-efficient watering system, it also has a retractable roof in order to provide optimal conditions for plants and customers.

Octavia adds: “Whether you’re starting out with a few indoor plants, herb garden or a native garden bed, the best way to learn to garden is through practice. Gardening is in reach for all skill sets, all you need to do is get your hands dirty and have a go.”

Try to pick drought-resistant plants.

Some tips for keeping your garden green in the summer:

  • Water before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.
  • Install a drip line irrigation system
  • Install a timer tap
  • Increase the soil’s moisture with a soil wetter
  • Keep water in the soil with products like Amgrow Water Crystals which expand when mixed with water to form a water-holding gel.
  • Mulching is an essential step for keeping your soil moist and cool.
  • Finally, try to select drought-resistant plants than can thrive on limited water.