Freestanding metal shelves and cabinets

For storage of heavy items – such as power tools – metal shelves are ideal.

What are metal shelves?

Metal shelves are generally sold as kits and the homeowner assembles them. They can be bolted together, but more often than not, the large hardware stores are stocking 'boltless' models that click together.


Their modular assemble makes them easy to adapt to your storage needs. Split them in half horizonally to create two shelves or a shelf and a benchtop.

For long lasting shelves that won’t rust, choose glavanised metal or stainless steel.

Tips for assembling metal shelves

  • Start assembling the shelves from the bottom
  • Use a rubbet mallet for tapping the pieces together
  • Ensure the shelves are level before loading with equipment and other stored items
  • For tall shelves, you may want to consider fixing the tops to the wall with brackets to prevent any chance of them toppling over.
  • Incredibly strong
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be expensive
  • Very heavy