Garage storage solutions

Garage storage solutions are about more than just keeping the place tidy – it’s an important part of maintaining safety in the home. Tools, garden implements, fishing equipment – whatever you’re storing in your garage, it has the potential to become a trip hazard, block exits, and create injuries. To keep your family and possessions safe, put a bit of time and effort into sorting out your garage storage with the help of our helpful articles.

Garage storage tips

  • All dangerous chemicals (such as paints, cleaning products, and weed killers) should be stored out of reach of young children or are inside locked cupboards.
  • All storage should be kept clear of moving parts (such as doors and garage door openers) and leave clear spaces for exiting in an emergency.
  • Always keep safety in mind with drilling, nailing or screwing into walls - identify electrical lines and turn off the power at the mains.

Overhead storage

A lot of space is wasted in garages, just below the ceiling. This article looks at how to make the most of this space with overhead storage.

Freestanding metal shelves and cabinets

Sturdy and strong, metal shelves are ideal for storage in garages and workshops.

Wire shelving systems

Wire shelving systems are an affordable, easy-to-install storage option that readily adapts to your needs.

Bracket shelving

Brackets come in many shapes and forms. Find out how to choose the best ones for you and install them.

Wall storage

Make the most of your garage's storage potential - use the walls.