How To Repair A Hole In Drywall? #1 Easiest Technique

27 August 2020

 Whether you have a hole in the wall or a wet spot on the ceiling that needs to be repaired using this technique will make you a pro even if you have never done drywall repairs before.

The secret technique I am referring to is a matter of just cutting out a piece of drywall bigger than the repair and then cutting a border that will cover the hole and be easier to finish rather than using tape.

Watch the video to see it in action

  1. How To Repair a hole in drywall step by step (H2 tag)
  2. The first thing you need to do is cut a piece of drywall bigger than the hole you need to patch.
  3. Then as seen in the video cut a one-inch border around the back of the drywall
  4. Then peel away the material leaving just the paper in the front of the patch
  5. Cover the hole with the patch and trace around the patch not the paper.
  6. Cut the hole to size
  7. Put some drywall compound or spackle around the patch
  8. Patch the hole and squeeze out the excess compound using a flat putty tool
  9. Let it dry sand high spots and put a top layer and let dry
  10. Sand and paint

See simple right?  If you use this technique you can patch any hole no matter what size it is.

If you have small nail holes to patch just use the spackle to fill in the nail hole. Most of the time there will be a bubble. This is normal, just let it dry and then sand it flat.

Once it is sanded flat go over it again with the op coat, let it dry and then sand flush with the wall. Then it is time to paint. Simple stuff right?

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