Mortar thickness tolerances QLD

My brickwork is really rough, and I am after the tolerances allowed in construction (QLD). Vertical mortar joins range in thickness from 7mm to 20mm - is this acceptable?
Also, Brickbond is staggered from bottom to top - is there an allowable deviation for this? Horizontal bed joints are also not straight.
I have attached a pic of our front "feature" wall to illustrate my concerns - is this acceptable?
Thank you

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Bridget Gonzalez

Hi Bridget,

Based on the information provided, it could be that the brickwork exceeds the acceptable tolerances but without seeing the work ourselves, it's difficult to say for sure.

We've attached a number of documents we received from Central Queensland University head of built environment program Darryl O'Brien that may be of help in determining whether the brickwork is acceptable.

The relevant Australian Standard is AS 3700:2011 Masonry Construction so we have attached the table from this document (Table 12.1) which outlines the acceptable tolerances in masonry construction. These tolerances can also be found on pg.28 of the attached Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Standards and Tolerances Guide

Our suggestion would be to contact the QBCC as they handle any possible complaints and will be able to determine for sure whether the brickwork is acceptable.

QBCC - Defective Building Work Complains - Inspections

QBCC - How can we help you?

QBCC - Standards and Tolerances Guide

We hope this helps!

The BUILD team.