Overhead storage

A lot of space is wasted in garages - all that big empty space below the ceiling. With a bit of planning and some simple construction, you can create useful overhead storage.

What is overhead storage?

Overhead storage can take many forms. For garages with exposed beams, overhead storage is relatively simple. Hooks can be installed over beams to hold bikes and other equipment, while planks between them can hold other items.

Garages with a flush ceiling present a bit more of a challenge, but racks can be easily constructed and attached.

How to install overhead storage

  1. Choose the location of your overhead storage rack. It's best to select a spot that's against one wall, or if possible, two. The rack will need to be kept clear of any moving parts, such as the garage door, garage door opener, and the connecting track.
  2. Mark out the position of your battens (the wood strips that will run along the ceiling). These will need to be fixed to existing rafters, usually easy to identify by existing nail heads in the ceiling.
  3. Fix battens to the rafters using 65mm countersunk screws.
  4. The next step is assembled on the floor, before being attached to the ceiling.
  5. Make the cross support racks by attaching the hangers (the strips of wood than hang down from the ceiling) to the cross supports. It helps to pre-drill the screw holes.
  6. With the help of an assistant, attach the cross support/hanger frames to the battens. Double check they will provide level support to the boards.
  7. Secure the boards to the cross supports.
  8. Store your stuff.