Smart home maintenance

A little lateral thinking and the right setup will help you get far more from your A/V and home automation systems. Read on to learn more about the best way to set up and maintain the components of your connected home.

How to improve your WiFi range

How to improve WiFi range

Find out how to set your home up to get the best range and signal from your WiFi access point. Learn more about what affects signal strength and range.

How to calibrate your display

Just because your TV's connected properly, it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best picture from it. Find out how to adjust your display's settings for the best picture.

What is my TV's ideal viewing distance?

The distance you sit from your television screen will play a big part in how good the picture looks. Too close and it'll look pixellated. Too far, and you'll lose precious detail.

How to recycle a CRT television

With the vast masses of TVs being replaced for newer, thinner, more capable models, it's important that you dispose of your old television in a responsible way.

How to connect your set top box

Got a set top box? Not sure which cable goes where? Find out how to connect your set top box quickly and easily.

How to connect banana plugs

There are many ways to connect your receiver to your speakers, but banan plugs are seen as a preferred option. Find out how to connect them.