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We're considering an off the plan apartment and have asked the builder for wall specifications in terms of soundproofing levels, we're primarily concerned with noise travelling between another apartment. They have advised the following:
Intertenancy walls are Rw/Rw+Ctr 60/52
Internal walls to corridors/terrace Rw/Rw+Ctr 55/50
Apartment /external Rw/Rw+Ctr 56/46
Was hoping for some input on whether these are "good" levels. I think the BCA minimum is RW + Ctr 50, so interested to see how a 52 is in comparison. Also I understand there are other factors at play with sound travelling, but keen to get anyone's input or opinion on above. Thank you.

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Hi Olga,

Thanks for your question. We consulted with CSR business development manager Angus Kell, who had the following advice.

An residential apartment building where units are stacked vertically would fit the definition of a Class 2 building in accordance with the BCA and as per the extract below the acoustic requirements would be:

a. Intertenancy walls minimum Rw+Ctr 50,
b. Internal walls to corridors minimum Rw 50,
c. Unsure what the internal walls / terrace means but there in nothing in the BCA which describes this type of wall,
d. There is no requirement under the BCA for apartment /external walls but this can be a local government requirement depending on the location.

The figures provided therefore for ‘a’ and ‘b’ meet the requirements of the BCA. I note these figures would appear to be based on supplier predictions so are a prediction of what the wall configuration if installed correctly will achieve. If your reader is concerned they could possibly request that site testing be undertaken prior to handover to ensure the performance of the walls meets the specification / BCA.

Hope this helps!

The BUILD team.