Soundproofing techniques

Different soundproofing materials offer different levels of performance, but to really ensure that your soundproofing's effective you'll need to take into account how your home's put together. How your windows, doors and wall frames are put together will play a very big part in how well you're able to control how sound travels in and out of your house.

Double glazing

Window acoustics and noise control

Windows are often the weakest link when it comes to soundproofing, but they're also required by law. Find out how to reduce the noise that comes through the windows in your house.

Double brick walls and RWAR

Double brick walls and room-within-a-room (RWAR) designs work by adding a void between the inside and outside walls, often with a layer of insulation between. These soundproofing methods are very effective.

Door soundproofing and insulation

See how draught excluders, weather strips and door sweeps can be fitted (or retrofitted) to doors in order to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.