Top 5 Energy Saving Tips Suggested by Professional Electrical Contractors

23 May 2022

 Every homeowner in Sydney wants to save more money on their utility bills. They will constantly remind the members of the household to turn off the lights when they leave the room or set the thermostat higher during summer. But still, these practices do not add up to a significant amount in savings at the end of the month.  

Electrical contractors Sydney have a few tips that average consumers can use to start racking up on their savings on energy bills. These tips will help you save on electricity consumption and minimize utility bills. 

1. Get an electrical contractor in Sydney to inspect your home

A professional electrical contractor can inspect your home to determine where most of the electricity is going. These experts can identify the appliances that might not be energy-efficient or sound systems that are not properly wired. Getting professional advice can save you valuable time in identifying the source of the problem. 

Some possible sources of high energy consumption could be your light bulbs, appliances, thermostats and air conditioning systems. A local electrical contractor in Sydney can rewire circuits, and install upgrades and energy enhancing technologies.

2 Upgrade your light bulbs

Are you still using incandescent lights on your lamps in your home? It is time you should start upgrading your lights to save energy. Here are some things you should know about upgrading your lights:

  • Incandescent light bulbs consume more energy than LED bulbs. If your house is still using incandescent bulbs, you need to replace them with more energy-efficient bulbs. This is a simple solution but makes a big impact. Although LED bulbs are more expensive, they can last longer and will save you money in the end.
  • Another reason why you need an electrical contractor in Sydney is not only to correct your lighting usage but your faulty wiring too. It could be contributing to the unnecessary cost.It is also advisable to install a dimmer on your lights. It will allow you to use much light as required at a time.
  • You can also install motion sensors for your outdoor lights, so that they will be used only as necessary.

3 Upgrade your Appliances

According to electrical contractor Sydney, your appliances can be the source of your energy wastage. Many old models are extremely inefficient compared to the new ones that we have in the market today.

 Although it may seem like spending money on newer ones does not make sense at the time, you should consider them as an investment. Old appliances can double their use compared to the newly manufactured ones. Look for appliances with Energy Star seal as they meet the energy standards. 

4. Install a smart thermostat

The HVAC system is the biggest contributor to energy consumption in your home. You can save money with a programmable thermostat. According to Energy Star, you can save hundreds of dollars by adjusting your thermostat. 

A programmable thermostat will automatically change the temperature setting at a particular time of the day. It also has an App that you can download on your smartphone to monitor your energy usage and make things more comfortable in your home at the same time.

5. Install energy saving window films

If you have lots of windows in your home, better have them fitted with energy-saving window films to lower the temperature inside your home. It will significantly reduce the heat build-up and the sun glare, while still allowing the natural light in. As a result, you will have a comfortable temperature inside your home while lowering your energy bills.


 Having a professional electrical contractor in Sydney check your home is the first step in implementing these energy-saving tips we just shared. Based on their evaluation, you can develop a clear-cut strategy to save money on your electric bill further. 

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