Wall storage

To make the most of your garage for storage, you need to go up - up the walls that is. Wall storage is very adaptable - whatever you need to store, there's a way to do it. More than other types of storage, it's important to plan what you need from your walls before designing and installing your storage.

Wall storage ideas

  • Peg board with hooks is readily adjustable to a wide range of tools.
  • Wire baskets attached directly to the wall provide good storage for smaller items.
  • Create custom supports for your garden rakes, hoes, and other tools by cutting out the shapes needed from a piece of MDF board and attaching it like a shelf.
  • Rails along the wall are great for flexible storage, as hooks can then be hung off them where needed.

Wall storage installation tips

  • For hanging of any medium to heavywreight items, ensure you fix the hanger firmly to a stud.
  • Before drilling into a wall, know the location of your wiring and turn off the power at the mains to avoid electrocution.
  • Always double check the strength of your hooks, shelves, and other storage options before placing items on them.
  • Ensure any storage will not be in the way of any moving parts, such as the garage door, or blocks thoroughfares that might be used in an emergency.