Types of mouldings

Interior moulding is a common element of interior design, with a history that dates back to the architecture of Ancient Greece. Interior moulding has the potential to transform a room from a blank expanse of ceiling and walls to a warm, rich and visually interesting space.

It can help to establish a certain theme or evoke a particular period in your home, as well as protecting walls and disguising flaws. The different types of moulding serve different purposes and perform different tasks, however the one thing they are almost certain to do is add value to your home.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards, also known as kick boards and baseboards, are the mouldings that run along the bottom of walls.


Architraves are the mouldings that go around doorways, windows and other openings in walls.


Cornices are the mouldings that sit where walls meet ceilings. They are often ornate and decorative.

Dado rails

Dado rails and chair rails run horizontally around the wall. In a modern context, dado rails are mostly a cosmetic type of moulding.

Ceiling roses

Ceiling roses are ornate mouldings mounted to the ceiling, normally featuring a light suspended from their centre.

Decorative mouldings

Other decorative mouldings

There are a range of other decorative mouldings available, including mouldings to enhance fireplaces and similar fixtures.