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How solar panels are installed

How is solar power installed?

Read our simple guide on what to expect if you're planning on getting solar panels installed. Find out what to look for, who to talk to and how to get a deal that suits you.

How to install a wind turbine

How to install a wind turbine

If you’re considering wind power as an option, there are a few questions you'll need to be able to answer to make sure it's right for your needs, and to ensure you know what to look for.

DIY solar: is it worth it?

Find out what's involved with DIY solar systems, what kinds of regulatory issues you may face, what parts need to be done by a licensed professional and how it works out in terms of costs and savings.

Solar panel designer / installer accreditation and warranty support

In Australia, there are certain laws and regulations that exist to ensure that only accredited tradespeople do certain parts of an installation. Find out who needs to install your solar system, and why.