Home Design Guides

AV content and media

Games, movies, music, TV - they're all different sorts of content. Learn the best ways to plan, manage and distribute content in your smart home.


Learn all you need to know about how to build, renovate or design a bathroom. Read about bathroom styles, trends, fittings and fixtures and much more.

Bushfire prone areas

In Australia, if your home is in a bushfire prone area it will need to meet certain requirements. Learn about BAL ratings, and how to build a fire safe home.

Climate control

Get the most from your heating, ventilation and cooling (or HVAC) systems. BUILD shows you how to plan and improve climate control in your home.


Keeping cool has never been easier - but doing it the wrong way is likely to be ineffective and inefficient. Learn more about how to keep your home cool.

Cyclone prone areas

Building in cyclone prone areas or areas that experience high winds requires some special measures. Find out more about cyclone codes and requirements.


Complete advice on home decking, including guides to types of wood and composites, decking designs, how to clean and weatherproof, decking oil and finishes.


Doors, hinges and locks - find out what's available, and what sort of difference each door option will make to your home's looks, security and comfort.


A driveway provides access to your home and impacts on its appearance. Choose the right materials and installation with these articles.


Learn about electrical systems for homes. All you need to know about smart meters, safety switches, circuit breakers, power points, fittings and more.

Energy and water management

How to design and manage your home to control your electricity and water usage. Learn about efficient home automation, lighting, climate control and more.

Energy efficiency

Learn about the kinds of design features and technologies that can help to reduce your home's energy consumption, and improve your energy efficiency.


Everything you need to know about floors and sub floors for your home. From carpets to floorboards, tiles, lino, parquetry, polished concrete and much more.


All the advice you need to make your garage secure, useful and attractive. Information on choosing the right doors, floors and storage solution, as well as maintenance and upkeep.


There are an amazing number of different heaters available, using different fuels and technologies. Find out what type of heater best suits your needs.

Home automation

Learn about home automation systems and setups, and how a properly designed smart home can improve your comfort, security, convenience and efficiency.

Home entertainment

The ultimate guide to setting up all forms of home entertainment, including audio, visual, and content management as well as important aspects like soundproofing and lighting.

Hot water

Looking for a new or replacement hot water system? Learn more about gas, electrical and solar hot water systems, efficiency, maintenance, regulations and more.


A complete guide to thermal insulation and soundproofing for Australian homes. Find out what sort of insulation is right for your house, how roofs, floors, walls, doors and windows are insulated, and learn about acoustic insulation for home theatres and noise control.


The complete kitchen planning guide. Get the best advice on kitchen layouts, kitchen styles, materials, taps, sinks, appliances, lighting and plenty more.


Find out what matters when you're building a laundry - from the vital topics like waterproofing, down to fine-tuning where things might go for your own specific needs.


A complete guide on how to plan and choose lighting for your home. Learn about energy efficiency, lighting regulations, daylighting techniques, LEDs and more.


Routine maintenance helps to protect your house, and keep it safe for you and your family. Use the BUILD mtaintenance guide to keep your home well cared for.


This guide covers important element of the home's outdoor area, like the garage, driveway, and gardens. 


Advice on all things related to pergolas, including local bushfire and cyclone regulations, types of materials, pergola styles and designs and roofing options.


See how plumbing is installed in homes, and what to do in plumbing emergencies. Learn about fittings, fixtures, and water and energy efficient plumbing.


Australian regulations and determine how houses can be built, and by whom. Find out more about laws, standards and home building regulations in Australia.


Wood, gas and electric saunas, infrared saunas and steam rooms are all said to have health benefits. Find out more about different types of sauna setups.


An important part of any home is how well it protects your family and prized posessions. Find out more about how to make your house safe, secure and convenient.


Reliable services - such as electricity, plumbing, waste and gas - are necessities of any home. This guide will help with any questions to may have about home services.


Every bathroom needs a great shower! Find out how space, budget, style and water efficiency will determine what kind of shower or wet room you choose.


Many elements of structure make up the home, including doors, floors, walls, roofs, foundations and windows. This handy guide helps explain all these elements and more.


How to build a green home. Complete guides to alternative energy sources (like solar and wind), passive house design, and water and energy management systems.


There's quite a bit more to choosing tiles than just picking some that look pretty (although that's obviously part of it). Get the lowdown on how to choose the right tiles for your house.


Find out all you need to know about toilets. From bowl shape to water efficiency, roll holders, concealed cisterns, seats and special needs enhancements.

Tradies and professionals

The key to building and renovation is to find the right professionals and tradies for the job. Learn about different trades, and how to choose the best people.


Everything you need to know about the different kinds of vanities, medicine cabinets, mirrors and shelves, and how they fit into different bathroom styles.


Ventilation can make a vast difference not only to your heating and cooling bills, but also to your health. See why proper ventilation is so important.


Everything you need to know about windows, window frames and glass. Learn about low-e glass, double glazing, energy efficiency, regulations, installation and more.