Unblocking a drain

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains in your kitchen are no fun - but thankfully they're not too difficult to deal with. Read our guide on how to unblock a drain and save yourself from a watery disaster.

Traps, drains and wastes

How to clean and maintain taps and wastes

There's nothing worse than a leaky tap - except perhaps a dirty and leaking tap. Find out how to clean and maintain your fittings.


Learn more about


Spans, decking width and bracing

A variety of construction methods and measures can be used to add strength and structural stability to decking. Find out what's necessary, and how decks can be strengthened and reinforced.

Hallway lighting

Hall and foyer lighting

These areas are the entrances to your house, so the lighting should be warm and inviting. They can also make use of referred light.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficient cooling

Energy efficient cooling

Energy efficiency is a genuine and serious concern when it comes to cooling. Some systems use far more than others - find out what's right for your needs.