NRU Times's blog - Sep 2023

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Enhancing Home Services: The Role of Zendesk Call Centers in House Maintenance     by   NRU Times

28 September 2023

Meta Description: Discover the important role of Zendesk Call Centers in modern house maintenance services. With the boom of the digital age, over 70% of homeowners prefer to book their home services online...

6 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Glassware Into Modern Decor     by   NRU Times

22 September 2023

Vintage glassware brings a sense of nostalgia and character to any space. With its patina and imperfections, it adds warmth and personality that can be hard to find in sleek, modern decor...


Bringing Nature Indoors: Fresh vs. Artificial Flowers in Interior Design and Home Building     by   NRU Times

20 September 2023

Introduction The art of interior design goes far beyond furniture and color schemes. It's about creating a space that not only looks appealing but also feels inviting and lively. One way to achieve this is by incorporating flowers and houseplants into your home's design...

Choosing the Best Custom Flexible Heaters: Things to Keep In Mind     by   NRU Times

19 September 2023

Selecting the right flexible heater for your application requires careful consideration of several factors. The choices may seem endless with customization options in materials, heating elements, wattage, size, and shape...

How Smart Building Analytics Software Can Help You Earn Passive Income from Your Real Estate Investments     by   NRU Times

18 September 2023

Real estate investment can be an excellent source of passive income. However, effectively managing properties and optimizing operations is key to maximizing returns. This is where smart building analytics software comes in...