Steel doors

Security screen doors
Steel is ideal for security doors because it's so strong.

What types of doors are made from steel?

Steel is a very strong metal and though heavy, has many applications in doors. Many security doors are made from steel or have steel components such as plating. Its impact resistance makes it perfect for outdoor use in roller doors and other garage doors, though weight is an important consideration here too. Because of its high resistance to melting, this material is also commonly used in fire doors.


How are steel doors constructed?

Steel doors start off life as sheet metal, which is cut to fit the frame size, then treated with a sealant or other form of rust protection. The frame is then welded together from steel channelling, tested for strength and finally welded or riveted to the sheet. Some steel doors contain a diagonal cross beam in the upper and lower halves for reinforcement, but most are simply framed along the edges.

In security doors the grille should be welded to the frame or the rivets should be welded in to prevent exposure. The spot welds to the frame should also be as numerous as possible for added stability.


How do steel doors perform?

  • Security – No material on the market is tougher than steel, making it the material of choice for doors where security's the main concern.
  • Weatherproofing – If the door's been sealed correctly during construction, this won’t be a problem. If not though, steel is prone to rusting and is especially vulnerable in salty coastal environments.
  • Soundproofing – Steel doors provide little in the way of a sound barrier.
  • Cost – Though more expensive than other materials, steel is sometimes a necessary expense - especially when it comes to security and safety.
  • Weight – Steel is quite a heavy material. Doors made with steel components will naturally weigh more.
  • Thermal insulation – As a metal steel conducts heat easily, so should not be relied on for thermal insulation.