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Water damage during construction

We are building with a project Home builder and there was a delay with the brick layer. So rather than wait until the exterior walls were in place, they carried on and we now have alll the gyprock walls and ceilings In place without exterior walls.
In mid dec 17
They put wall insulation and the green wrap around the lower floor. The upper levels have just wooden frame and then they started on the internal fittings. We are now in February and we still have no external covering on the upper floor. The bricks to the first floor went in last week.

Question by Kathryn Blake

Residential home insulation requiremnets

Can you please advise me the insulation requirements needed for a 15 sq relocatable residential park home brand new in Albury NSW

and would it be covered by the federal government insulation requirement of rating r4.1

Question by gillian rudge

Wool Insulation Batts

Are there any suppliers in NSW / Australia of 100% wool batts ?
if not then which companies have highest % wool

Question by neil page

Home Theatre Sound insulation

Hi there,

My builder has installed R2.0 Rockwool Soundscreen insulation in the internal walls and ceiling joist space of my home theatre. I would like to be able to use my surround sound without impacting the people in the room above the theatre. Is the solution provided by my builder going to be sufficient? Please can you advise and quote. The size of the room is 4.5m x 4.0m. Windows are double glazed and have ordered semi-solid doors.

Kind Regards,

Jason Friedland

Question by Jason Friedland

Insulating the walls of an existing weatherboard house

From your reply to Sarah, you detail that a Blow-in Cellulose is a good way to go, however, what about the vapour barrier, or does one not need this with that type of insulation.



Question by David Fleming

Is roof insulation compulsory?

Hi, I have just moved into a rental home that is 3 years old and have noticed that there is no insulation in the ceiling.the house is in the zone 6 could you please tell me it it is a legal requirement for a new building to be insulated.
Thank you

Question by Janet Tugwell

Soundproofing for baby noise

Hi, I need help! My house is 1960s weatherboard with a self contained flat downstairs and no insulation between upstairs and downstairs. My partner and I are planning on starting a family and know that we will definitely need to install soundproofing as we need the rental income from the flat downstairs.

Question by Mel

Is insulation mandatory?

I have a friend who has recently moved into a single story rented unit that was built probably 30 - 40 years ago.

Based on the internal heat, I suspect that there is no insulation in the roof/ceiling.

In a property of this age is it a legal requirement for it to be insulated?

Question by Steve Spencer

Insulations quote and website


I have recently received an insulation quote from [EDITOR'S NOTE: Company name removed]. Just checking their website and it is not working. Are you able to advise if there is any concerns with using this installer noting the issues that have plagued the installation industry i.e. with unregsitered installers and rebates in the last 2 years?


Question by Nat A

Insulation for steel framed walls and roof trusses


What is the most cost-effective way to meet the BSA insulation regulations in North Queensland for...

- Light coloured Colorbond wall cladding on a steel frame wall, with 10mm plasterboard internally?

- Zincalume corrugated cladding on steel roof trusses, with a ventilated roof space and 10mm plasterboard ceilings?

I understand all the types of insulation available, but am having trouble working out the total R-ratings.

Thanks in advance.

Question by Fred Schmidt

Soundproofing between floors - follow up

I recently posted a question on this site in regard to soundproofing in between floors of our existing home. You answered by post however I would like more information.

Question by Helen Killen



I have a two storey home built on piers. The home has hard wood floors however there is no soundproofing and we hear everything. The kitchen and some living areas are upstairs and it is driving me mad. What is the best way and product to soundproof in between these two floors. Also downstairs echo's under foot as it is on piers, what can I do here?

Thanks in advance


Question by Helen Killen

Insulating an existing weatherboard home

Is it possible to insulate the walls of an existing weatherboard home? We are looking at buying a weatherboard home. The roof is insulated but not the walls. We would like to know if we can get the walls done too?

Question by Sarah