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Water damage during construction

We are building with a project Home builder and there was a delay with the brick layer. So rather than wait until the exterior walls were in place, they carried on and we now have alll the gyprock walls and ceilings In place without exterior walls.
In mid dec 17
They put wall insulation and the green wrap around the lower floor. The upper levels have just wooden frame and then they started on the internal fittings. We are now in February and we still have no external covering on the upper floor. The bricks to the first floor went in last week.

Question by Kathryn Blake

Residential home insulation requiremnets

Can you please advise me the insulation requirements needed for a 15 sq relocatable residential park home brand new in Albury NSW

and would it be covered by the federal government insulation requirement of rating r4.1

Question by gillian rudge

Wool Insulation Batts

Are there any suppliers in NSW / Australia of 100% wool batts ?
if not then which companies have highest % wool

Question by neil page

Insulations quote and website


I have recently received an insulation quote from [EDITOR'S NOTE: Company name removed]. Just checking their website and it is not working. Are you able to advise if there is any concerns with using this installer noting the issues that have plagued the installation industry i.e. with unregsitered installers and rebates in the last 2 years?


Question by Nat A