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Minimum door width

What are the minimum widths for habitable areas or in my case the bathroom entrance door minimum width?

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Red dirt under tiles

Hi, We have just had the tiles taken up in the toilet and bathroom floor in preparation for a renovation but under the toilet tiles is a thick, rather earthy smelling red dust. Is this harmful or likely to cause problems with the re-laying of the new floor? The same dust/dirt wasn't under the bathroom floor which was tiled with the same tiles and presumably at the same time (1960's)

Question by Nat A

A bigger - longer - bath tub


I am over 6 feet (180 cm) tall and looking for a longer bath tub if possible.

My current tub is about 710-715 cm wide (or deep) at its widest/deepest and this part is OK - but at the moment i am a bit overweight and itis a BIT of a squeeze.

The tub i have is 1440 mm long/wide, at the maximum, and then there is a shelf at the end of it that is 320 mm wide/long.

Can i go to a tub that is 1700 long, and if it was a bit deeper it would be OK - the extra depth would make up for the lack of extra length.

Question by Allan Smith

Concealed cisterns


I needed to know if I could place the Concealed Cistern for a Wall Hung Water Closet on an adjacent wall without placing it exactly behind the WC ? And what would be the repercussions, if any, when done ? I would also like to place both the Cistern and Push Plates on the same adjacent wall. I would appreciate if you could help me out with this as I am about to redesign my toilet very soon.

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manas misra

Question by manas misra

Freestanding bathtub positioning

I have purchased a freestanding bathtub to place into my bathroom, which is being renovated. I have had someone advise me that the bath needs to be positioned a certain distance from walls (to allow for cleaning) according to building regulations. Is this true?

Question by Sally