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BCA deckregulations

Trying to find out exactly what I need to do for footings and bearers for my deck and whether or not I need bracing. Bearers and joists are 50x 100 seasoned karri and deck boards are 22mmx 135mm seasoned karri.

Question by Christy Breen

Deck height in relation to termite barrier

Hi There,
I am planning on building a low deck in an area surrounded on 3 sides by external walls of my house. The walls are brick veneer with the usual termite barrier two bricks up form the footings.

Question by Cameron Nobes

Balustrading required?

Hello, I have a deck that is 800mm from the ground - so theoretically does not need balustrading. I want to put a fixed bench seat around the periphery - both for extra seating and as a physical barrier to prevent falling/tipping off deck.

This fixed seating would be 450mm from the deck floor ie 1250mm from ground height. I do not want to have to put a seat back on the bench seating.

Do I now need balustrading behind the bench seating to comply with building laws?

Thank you

Question by Lisa Hughes

Decking handrails failing so want replacement materials

Have existing decking with failing hand-rails, cracking and affected by Cockeys chewing up wood. Possibly Oregon rails. Want to know something more durable to replace the existing hand-rail timber with.

Question by mjbeale50

Decking - Permit requirements

Hi, I want to have a small deck built onto the side of our house, and we want it to adhere to the requirements of our local council (Darebin) so that our application will be granted a permit, but I am unable to find out what the can do's/can't do's are. Ie distance from boundary fence. Is there a resource for this information? I can't find it on any local council websites in Victoria.

Question by Charlotte Tizzard

Aluminium balustrading


I'm hoping to use aluminium pool fencing (vertical poles as sold by Bunnings) for deck railing (approx 2 metres off the ground) with a horizontal timber railing above it.

Can you please confirm this material is legal to use for this.

Question by Chris Thamm