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safety glass sliding doors

Hi. Is a seller of glass doors required to ensure that they are safety glass compliant here in QLD? If not, is it legal for him to advertise them and sell them?

Question by wayne ralph


What is the best size door for 1015x2040 opening for front door?
Will a 930 cm suffice or do I need a custom made door Thanks Kendra

Question by Kendra KESSELL

Sliding doors

We have just built a new house. Our back entry is two big sliding doors which measure 3600 x 2400 in size each. It has three double glazing glass panels each side. It is very heavy to operate. However it has only one set of handle on only one side. We are struggling to operate them especially the three panels without any handle to grip or hold.

However the supplier claim that it is the market standard that it have only one handle on one side of the doors disregards how big the doors are.

Question by Salyn Loh

Minimum door width

What are the minimum widths for habitable areas or in my case the bathroom entrance door minimum width?

Awaiting reply

Double glazed or laminate glass windows

Hi, we are building a new house and thinking of double glazed doors and windows for energy efficiency and noise control. I have also heard of laminate glass. Can I have some feedback on these glass options?

Question by Doris Chua