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What is the best size door for 1015x2040 opening for front door?
Will a 930 cm suffice or do I need a custom made door Thanks Kendra

Question by Kendra KESSELL

Sliding doors

We have just built a new house. Our back entry is two big sliding doors which measure 3600 x 2400 in size each. It has three double glazing glass panels each side. It is very heavy to operate. However it has only one set of handle on only one side. We are struggling to operate them especially the three panels without any handle to grip or hold.

However the supplier claim that it is the market standard that it have only one handle on one side of the doors disregards how big the doors are.

Question by Salyn Loh

Minimum door width

What are the minimum widths for habitable areas or in my case the bathroom entrance door minimum width?

Awaiting reply

Double glazed or laminate glass windows

Hi, we are building a new house and thinking of double glazed doors and windows for energy efficiency and noise control. I have also heard of laminate glass. Can I have some feedback on these glass options?

Question by Doris Chua

Door size

Hiya there,

My name is Kiki, I am doing my home renovation right now. and I ordered internal doors from overseas. unfortunately the sizes were difference to our standard door size. not only that, all doors are 2000mm in height instead of 2040mm. I tried to get some information on line like BCA, but I am not their member.

My question is: 660mm x 2000mm x 35mm and 760mm x 2000mm x 35mm still okay for domestic house internal doors? can some of you could indicate me what is the requirement for residential house doors under the BCA?

I really appreciate it.

Question by Kiki Chang

Door sizes and cost

Hiya, we are renovating and can pay a lot of money to increase hallway thus area opening and thus change door size, at present our door size is standard 820 etc so really is it worth all the extra cost???

Question by BEC

Enclosed garages ventilation requirements


In Sydney, NSW,
What regulations apply to the venting of garage doors in an enclosed garage area ?

Should doors be vented at the top or bottom of the doors ?


Question by Andrew

Standard door sizing

I want to buy a fly screen door. I measured my doorway roughly with a tape measure and it was 80mm x 200mm. The doors seem to vary as in 205mm x 806mm. I dont want to buy a door that doesn't fit. Pls help. Thankyou, Sue

Question by sue wilson

Glass sliding door certification

I bought my house last year and was looking to upgrade the existing glass sliding doors by getting the fly screen doors fixed to them as we have separate fly screen doors on the outside that swing out. I realised that the glass doors were added to the building later and I could not find a certificate for them. I have found the bills for them, however the business was sold a few years ago. These glass doors were made and installed in 1991 as per the bills. How do I find out if the certificates were issued or not?

Question by Seema

Safety visibility decals

the law states that it is illegal not to display these decals . Can you tell me where to find a copy of this law?
I recently accidently walked into a unmarked glass door at a cafe and may have to pay for the repair.

Question by neil wilson

Acoustic doors

I need to have three Acoustic doors fitted at my apartment;

1 x Entrance door stairwell (2030 x 860)
1 x Rear door stairwell (2030 x 810)
1 x Balcony door (2050 x 810)

Main entrance door and rear door are undercover well protected from weather.
Balcony door faces west, open style balcony, heavy rainfall pounds directly onto door and occasionally experiance water leaking inside from door surround.

Based on the above could you please advise best door material options and approx cost.

Thanks / Best Regards

Question by George Giudetti

Question regarding AS2208 certified door glass.

I've got a couple of workmen coming to repair my sliding laundry door as the frame holding the glass is falling apart. The glass is marked with the manufacturers logo and "Safetyglass - Toughened App AS 2208" - but there's no mention of AS2047 - does this glass meet AS 2047 or does it need to be replaced?
Many thanks.

Question by Alan