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Electrical rough in tolerances

We are having our first home built in QLD, and I am concerned about the way the electrical wiring has been put in our home. We have electrical wires that span across the frame in some parts of the house, and none of the wiring appears to run along the frames (as I have seen in other constructions). Is this safe and within tolerances for QLD? I m concerned if I decide to put a nail in the plaster post handover that I will hit an electrical wire floating in the wall. Advice please.

Question by Bridget Gonzalez

GPO adjacent to vanity basin

We are building a new home through a registered builder. We need to install a double GPO on the side of a vanity unit due to restrictions on the wall from an internal sliding door.
We have a vanity tap approx. 100mm in from the end of the vertical side of the vanity unit where the GPO is to be fitted.
We are more than 1 metre from the bath and the shower is much further away and screened.
Q1. How far below the vanity bench top must the GPO be installed and
Q2. is there any other regulatory requirement?

Thanks in advance.

Question by Roley

Slight electrical tingle when I touch the kitchen tap

Every time I touch the kitchen tap I get a small electric shock. It's not enough to hurt but it worries me. Do I need to fix this?

Question by Paula Kwan

Lights dimming when appliances are turned on


I've noticed the lights in my house go dimmer when I turn on the air conditioner, the oven or some other appliances. What causes this? Is this a problem?

Question by Paula Kwan

External GPO near taps

How close to an external tap can GPO be?

Question by Nicole

Electrical switchboard in home unit building

We have an electrical switchboard in a block of units built 1964. We are told there are some defective fuses and they want to change main neutral link to 100 amp link and 3 unmetered active links to 3 x 100 amp active links, 2 unmetered neutral links to 2 x 100 amp. Single insulated electrical cable to double as required on a timber panel.
The work would cost $2090 and power would be interrupted for 2days. bring it up to standard ADS 3000/07. Council officer says that as we were built in 60's work does not need to be done. Committee divided. Can you advise please?

Question by carol

Legal GPO distance from gas stove top in Australia

Hi we are designing our kitchen bench top and need to know the required distance a GPO has to be away from a gas 4 burner stove top and also away from a single basin sink.
Many thanks.

Question by JoAnn

GPOS position

How low from the ground can you put GPOs on the outside wall (front house)?

Question by Basia

Ceiling recessed light fixture retrofit of lenses


I have 27 recessed lights in the house I rent. I lose a LOT of heat up them into the attic.

I want to install covers on the BOTTOM of the fixtures - the ROOM side.
NOT over the top in the attic.
I have seen many fixtures with flat glass on the room side, so it seems like a sane thing for me to install something to stop the heat loss.

Regretfully, my Google searches have yielded nothing... So I am reaching out to you here on

Question by Drew

Pricing for electricians

I have an up stair house and need a 15 amp power point(weather protected) in the garage.
The wire will have to come right across the ceiling upstairs and down on to the garage.
The power point and the D-board are on the opposite side of the house.I hope to run a compressor off this and prefer this circuit to be completely separate from the rest of the house.
I need some sort of a figure on price I should pay,please.

Question by w m

Shower screen and power point

Is it true that to have the power supplied to a new home - that shower screens must first be fitted to bathrooms to protect power points from water spray? I never heard of this and my electrician says its so?

Question by simone gillespie

GPO clearance from gas outlet

A licensed gas fitter has installed a gas outlet for a portable gas heater. I need to install a GPO closer to the heater for the timers etc. I am looking for the Aus/NZ standard that relates to the installation clearance distance of an electrical GPO to the gas outlet.
Any help would be great.

Question by Nathan

Switch box height and location

How high does the switch box need to be? Or allowed to go to? What determines this? My electrician has told me that I need to move mine lower as it was too high. Thanks.

Question by Mei