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Solar Hot Water Unit installation inside house

Hi there,

We are in the design stage of building our house and want to install the hot water service in the laundry inside a cupboard. Is this allowed in Victoria Australia?


Question by Joanne Bertuna

No hot water from facets, cold water ok from facets

We have had below freezing temps for the last 4 nights. Today all cold water facets have running water, but all hot water facets have nothing coming out.

Question by Michael Barry

Can I install a hot water system under my house?

What are the rules in Brisbane around the location of a typical gas hot water cylinder. I need to move mine and I was wondering can I put it under the house (Queenslander on piles)?

Question by kirsty macpherson

Solar or Instantaneous Gas System

Our old electric hot water system is dying. It has been wonderful up to this point, in that we have never run out of old water.

We are both around 60 years old, what would you advise getting a solar system connection to electricity or, a gas instantaneous system. We realise solar is the best way to go for the environment but wonder if it will be the most cost effective way for us to go, given that it will take us 10 years or so to recoup the outlay. We have 3 adults living in our home sometimes four.

Question by Robyn Farry

Portable hot water system certification

I am wanting to import in to Australia a portable hot water system and potentially and instant hot water system for domestic use.
What are the compliance test certificates I need to obtain to do this , who can I get these from and what is the official process i need to undertake.
best regards


Hot water system on LPG

I need a new hot water system in an area where there is no natural gas. Hoping to change from electric to gas, instantaneous. Is this advisable, as I would need to use LPG? Thanks

Question by Liz Crock

Electric hotwater tank in cupboard

I live in a small apartment and have an electric hot water tank in a cupboard. There isn't much space between the tank and the walls of the cupboard and door, and I am concerned that the cupboard door is too close to the electric panel of the tank. I am considering cutting a hole in the door and putting some kind of vent in it - perhaps aluminium - any other suggestions? I would prefer to keep the door on to cover it up.

Question by Kathy

Anode in a Chromagen solar hot water system

We have a Chromagen hot water system and uses bore and river water. It has developed the undesirable odor of hydrogen sulphide. Chromagen has been no help. We have been advised that we could cut off the magnesium anode and put an aluminium/zinc anode in the tank. We have been told we can just stand this anode in the tank without attaching it?

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help.


Question by leo

Gas storage sytem mounting regulations

In Victoria, are you allowed to mount systems like the Rheem Stellar 360 gas hot water unit on a roof? (providing of course the structure is OK'd to support it)?

Are there regulations preventing it not being at ground level from the point of view of emergency access?

Question by Michael Belfer

Heating with gas

The calorific value of LPG is 94 MJ /cum and that of natural gas pipes to our homes is varying from 33-42 MJ/cum i.e.LPG has nearly three times "Heat".
If one uses LPG on a HW heater with burners for Natural gas it will consume two to three times gas ,which is probably a sheee waste
Request confirmation of this premises
Retired Consulting Plumbing Engineer

Question by Shri Deolalikar

Efficient water heating

Hi, my brother has installed a solar water heating system with a 300L water cylinder with electrical backup.
He thinks it's great but I want to go one step better. Is it possible to have solar water heating with mass storage and have a gas califont top up local to the outlets? He mentioned a minimum temperature must be reached in the cylinder each day, can this be achieved via gas?

Question by simon nancekivell

Best Hotwater system for units

I live in an older block of units that was built in 1964 and have a tank system which I replaced approx 3 years ago. I'm looking for an efficent system that can be installed in a laundry area and keep comming up agianst a brick wall. Any ideas? There is no gas in the block, can the heat pump system be installed indoors, or do you need ventelation?

I don't have phase 3 power in the building.


Question by Steven Circosta

Solar Hot Water with Instantaneous boosting.

You don't seem to mention on you website the posssibility to use solar hotwater and instead of having boosting for a water tank, instead boosting the temperature "on-demand".
In this case, the water may be already hot enough and the nstantaneous heaterwould not need to provide any heating. Alternatively, if the water is cold, the instantaneous heater would work the same as if dealing with cold mains water, or if the water is warm, a partial boost would be required.
Is this possible?

Question by Philip Crotty

Annual service

Thanks for the answer to the question about tempering valves. Is it true I must have it checked and serviced every year and replaced at 5 years?


Question by David Boyd

Continuous flow hot water system

Can this type of system support multiple users(i.e., shower, sink, dishwasher)at one time without losing hot water? I have heard that this type of system can only service one outlet at a time.

Question by Bruce Lee

Plumbers quote to install a temperature valve

I have been given some advice by a local plumber that I need to install a temperature valve to reduce the temperature of the water coming out of the tank into the house. He says its mandatory and the law in NSW, which I haven't heard about.
Can I just turn down the tempaerature in the tank? And is this regulation something new?



Question by David Boyd

Replacing hot water system

I currently have a storage hot water system that has served it's purpose very well. It is a 135lt JH Dux. There are 5 adults in the household, 2 toilets, large kitchen and laundry. I am wanting to replace with Dux (as that has worked well for us) Prodigy 5 or Aquamax 360s. Would appreciate any advice on product and if on the right page along with any other considerations. Also if possible an approx of what costs I am looking at. I live in SE Melb.

Question by Srini

Make a split system

I want to add panels to an existing electric system. What does the piping into the tank look like and where is the best place to buy pumps, controllers etc.?

Cheers peter

Question by Peter

Continuous + Pump

I have a family of 6 all teenagers and adults. The home has 3 bathrooms all with shower and toilets and is approx 30 meters long.

A continuous flow system with Pump has been recommended as the best solution.

Will this be the best option?

Question by Penelope

Cost of running lpg instantaneous versus electric storage

We live on a rural property with LPG only. We currently have an electric gravity fed storage unit (on night rate power) and we are looking to replace it. We regard solar as too expensive for us at the moment. We would like an estimate of the running costs of running the current unit versus the costs of running an instantaneous gas lpg water heater.

Thank You


Question by jennifer sheridan