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Kitchen Renovation - new stove/ oven distance from old fuel stove


I have purchased a house that still has its original fuel stove, which is still functional. I am wanting to update/renovate the kitchen and was wondering if there is a required minimum distance that I would need to keep a new electric or gas cooker/ stove from the fuel stove.


Question by Susan Morgan

Kitchen upgrade. Electrical installation and isolation switches

I'm in South Australia in case it makes a difference to rules! Installing a new flat pack kitchen soon with Gas cook-top (bottled gas) and electric under bench oven. I have seen and been told, conflicting things regarding the legal requirements for an isolation switch. If I have a Gas cook-top, do I still have to have an isolation switch installed for the Electric oven??
Thanks in anticipation, Lesley N.

Question by Lesley Newcombe

Oven door temperature

We have a tenant complaining that the oven door is hotter than it should be. Is there a standard that refers to a particular maximum temperature for the door of an oven?


Question by Graham Byles

Electric oven clearance and heat

how much heat comes off the side of a oven, I want to know how close can I have timber to the side of the oven ,thank cheers chris

Question by chris cassar