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safety glass

are houses meant to have safety glass in windows

Question by Tiffany Dodd


Hi, I am wanting to do curved window reveals in the walls of a house im designing. the walls are 250mm thick, so i wanted to have them curved reveals on the vertical sides of the window only. the walls are made from hempcrete if this helps. Im having trouble finding render beading or trims which are curved not right angled. Does anyone know of a good product to use or how to do it?


Question by dominique hage

Awning windows with internal security screens


Just wondering what the best way is to clean awning windows once a security screen has been fitting to the inside of the window.


Question by Melinda Thiedecke

laundry window

hi i was wondering is there a law where you have to have a window in a laundry?
i am about to renovate ,my laundry and the window that is in i want it removed and dont know if i need to still keep a window or by law?

Question by Callum Honey

window ventilation

we want to buy an apartment which only has glass bricks for light instead of an opening window. There is ducted airconditioning in the room but no opening window. Is this allowable? We would think this is possibly a health hazard.

Question by diana sier

noise reduction on double glazing ???

Hi there, I 've heard that different thicknesses of glass in double glazing is effective for noise reduction. I'm interested in one laminated 6mm thick glass & one 4mm thick glass in a single double glazed unit . QUESTION : Does it matter which one goes on the outside or not ??? Many thanks, Vicky

Question by Vicky Baker

Double glazed or laminate glass windows

Hi, we are building a new house and thinking of double glazed doors and windows for energy efficiency and noise control. I have also heard of laminate glass. Can I have some feedback on these glass options?

Question by Doris Chua

window and noise insulation

In the very well-written article found at and related articles, double-glazing is mentioned, offering up to 57% noise reductions using the configuration given. What configuration or process do airports use to control (and eliminate) airplane noise? What desiccant can be used for a DIY project for a gap of 100 mm)? Silica gel packs? How much per ft2? Will they need to be replaced? What type of caulk or sealant should be used? Is there a way to reduce the noise vibrations by placing the panes on some rubbery or foam-like frame?

Question by peter mare