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What is the best size door for 1015x2040 opening for front door?
Will a 930 cm suffice or do I need a custom made door Thanks Kendra

Question by Kendra KESSELL

About the office door.

I just wondering about the sizes regulation for a office door.
What is the standard size for a office door?

Thank you


Question by Makoto Emporium

Balustrading required?

Hello, I have a deck that is 800mm from the ground - so theoretically does not need balustrading. I want to put a fixed bench seat around the periphery - both for extra seating and as a physical barrier to prevent falling/tipping off deck.

This fixed seating would be 450mm from the deck floor ie 1250mm from ground height. I do not want to have to put a seat back on the bench seating.

Do I now need balustrading behind the bench seating to comply with building laws?

Thank you

Question by Lisa Hughes

safety glass

are houses meant to have safety glass in windows

Question by Tiffany Dodd


I've got kitchen splash back installed and now getting burnt marks on the splash back and wanted to know if the distance of my cook top is installed to closed to it.

i used a small/med pot and after cooking noticed this, can you please give me some insight to the distance this needs to be.

Thank you.


Question by Kevin Phan

Soil Report


we just bought a land with Site Classification H1.Our Builder(Aus Build ) made sure to us verbally.they gonna take care of it while building the house. is it builders responsibility ? or how we make sure everything is taken care of .Thanks Mandi.t

Question by mandi T

House Cooling

Hi Build,

We are looking to purchase a cooling system which is effective and efficient in the long run.

We have looked into air conditioning, ducted refrigerated, split and evaporated cooling.

The house age is approximately 1970 with 4 rooms + lounge room to be cooled.

What would be your best recommendation in the long term for pricing and effectiveness?


Question by David Nguyen

tile splashbacks

I'm unsure about the regulation for tile splash backs behind a gas cooktop. Can the tiles go directly onto a plaster wall or do I need a fire retardant behind the tiles

Question by Mike Heffernan

Decking handrails failing so want replacement materials

Have existing decking with failing hand-rails, cracking and affected by Cockeys chewing up wood. Possibly Oregon rails. Want to know something more durable to replace the existing hand-rail timber with.

Question by mjbeale50

Skillion roofs

Are skillion roofs more expensive than hib roofs and if so why?

Question by Jill

Laundry relocation

I am proposing to demolish the walls between the kitchen and laundry to enlarge the kitchen. Will I need to remove the floor trap, or can I cap it off and lay tiles over the top.

Question by Richard Wood

Floating Floor to Kitchen Kick

Hi Guys,
I have a builder just finishing off two houses for me.

Refer attached picture. I don't like th squad around the benches. I have never seen it, looking on the web I can't find a similar detail.

He reckons its a normal thing.

I want it gone - what do you reckon?

Question by Wannabe Slum Lord


I have a stilt fibro house which has a concrete slab underneath. I believe the house was build in the 50s/60s. I want to make the house bigger and would like to close in the underneath section. I am unsure if the slab is to code or has a water proof barrier, also i am wondering how to attach a timber stud wall to the slab, (what protection is required if any, or can the timber sit directly on the slab) as i am thinking about giving owner building a go

If anyone can help me with any information that would be great.


Question by Martin Irwin

Replacing Toilet Suites

What is the best toilet suite currently on the market. Also, approximately what should the approximate cost be of having it replaced?

More importantly is, what are the features to consider for this replacement. We currently have the caroma, cheap and nasty models, because they don't flush everything away, without having to hold down the button. Also, mould seems to build up very quickly around the toilet bowl. Fully understand that we are in the sub-tropics, but hopefully there are models on the market that don't have this problem.

Question by Leo Van De Kamp

Kitchen upgrade. Electrical installation and isolation switches

I'm in South Australia in case it makes a difference to rules! Installing a new flat pack kitchen soon with Gas cook-top (bottled gas) and electric under bench oven. I have seen and been told, conflicting things regarding the legal requirements for an isolation switch. If I have a Gas cook-top, do I still have to have an isolation switch installed for the Electric oven??
Thanks in anticipation, Lesley N.

Question by Lesley Newcombe


I have employed a builder to remove the two centre piers on my carport, which is under the main roof of the house.
I asked them to replace the concrete footings and 2 remaining brick piers, at the corners, with steel support posts. as I don't know the condition of the footings.They haven't done this and and have used the existing concrete footings with dyna bolts.The posts they have installed are only 3mm thick walls.The contract was verbally agreed and they are claiming that there was no mention of the above work and that it isn't needed.

Question by Ian Smith

Residential home insulation requiremnets

Can you please advise me the insulation requirements needed for a 15 sq relocatable residential park home brand new in Albury NSW

and would it be covered by the federal government insulation requirement of rating r4.1

Question by gillian rudge

Kitchen waste taps

I have a wheelchair user so we are installing a floating kitchen bench where the waste trap below the sink is exposed. For aesthetic reasons we want this to be as shallow as possible. Where can I find regulations or can you advise regulations on what is required for a kitchen sink waste trap. I have seen "Shallow Traps" but they have a shallower depth of water seal - are there limits regulated here?
Or am I allowed a bathroom sink style bottle trap?

Question by Will Ham

Insulating over fibro

House has plastic/vinyl cladding over fibro, so house is either cold or hot. I would like to remove vinyl cladding, use a sheet type insulation over the fibro and then use weatherboard as cladding. Is there a product that would do this or is it really not doable

Question by Les Langford

Demolition in Victoria

do I need a demolition license/registration to knock down small structures like chook sheds, garages, patios, pet enclosures and such?

Anything small such as these? Is it once you get to single storey structures that you need to be licensed/registered

Thinking of starting small in demo and want to be sure I am allowed to knock down certain things.