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Bath depth

Could you please tell me what depth in mm, is the shallowest bath that you can buy.
Thank you

Question by LOU

Climate control in new restaurant

I am building a new building for a restaurant and will be installing a heating/cooling system. I would like to know what would be the best choice of system to purchase: 1- our summers are hot and our winters are very cold 2- the large exhaust above the oven in the restaurant constantly makes for rapid air exchange and thus poor climate control (my furnace and air conditioner constantly work double time because of it and my utilities bills are high).

Question by Elise


Are there regulations relating to the positioning of HWS and Airconditioning condensing units

Question by Tim Wheelhouse

Glazing options

Can you advise if there are any glazing options in a BAL 29 situation? Is 5-6mm toughened the only glass permitted?

Can one get 6mm laminate, or instance, or double glazing?

What tests have been done, and where can one find out what alternatives are possible?

We live on a north-north east facing ridge, where cyclonic winds, possibly with debris, and bird strikes are additional concerns when choosing the right type of glazing. We are worried that 6mm toughened may not be strong enough for our situation.

Thanks /rgds

Question by Dianne Lalanne


Just had unit built and want to know, is it standard to have more than 3-star heating efficiency? I thought regulations came in where it had to be 5 star or more. Could someone help me with this, because it seems to come on very frequently and I dont know if they take into account that we have 9ft ceilings.

Question by andrew ellis

Changing normal glass to Low-E


I was just wondering whether it is possible to change existing new glass windows to conform to Low E without replacing the glass??



Question by Chris

Convection heaters

Hi, is it true the most effective and efficient electric heater is the ceramic convection heater? I'm looking for a heater to heat up a medium-size family room. Also, I was told to look into the Delonghi brand because it's a good and reliable brand. Is this true?

Question by Pam

Inbuilt wood heaters

I have read that the minimum distance from the out vent of a inbuilt heater to the mantel can be reduced if a steel heat shield is placed 20mm below the combustible mantel. This heater will be going into an old brick fire place.

This was listed by one manufacturer, is this the Australian standard? How can I found out as I do not want to buy a heater and re-build the existing mantel.

Thank you for you help.

Question by Tony

Wood Heater Flue

Is it compulsory to have a cap on a flue?
Can you advise if this helps the fire and smoke emissions?

Kind Regards


Question by Tracy

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918 question.

I have read the following article (below) on your web site which has been a great help.

However I have one question pertaining to the last paragraph.

Is the statement regarding the flue height from neighbours nearer that 15m i.e. flue 1m higher part of AS/NZS 2918:2001?
I cannot find an exert of the standard without forking out $200 to read the relevant paragraph.


Question by James Dawson

Spring loaded taps

We have a family member obsesed with running water - can we buy spring loaded taps for bathrooms, laundry, kitchen etc...?? Any help appreciatad. Rj

Question by Rjay Riley

Toilet flush

I have just had a new toilet and cistern installed and noticed that when the toilet is flushed the water that flows around the rim and then down into the toilet doesnt reach the front of the rim.
This means there is about a 10cm section and a triangular shape going down into the bowl that doesnt get flushed.
The plumber came and checked it out, couldnt find any fault and said he would ask the supplier.
The supplier said it was the normal operation of this toilet.
Is this standard/lack of standard acceptable from the point that i have to accept that toilet?

Question by andy

Noise Reduction


I would like some advice about selecting the right windows for our bedroom.

We live alongside a very busy road and a train line. The offending sounds therefore are cars (travelling at 70km)trucks and trains. How effective would Vlam hush be for reducing noise comming into our front bedroom? From what I have read, vlam hush is only effective for dealing with high frequency sounds (ie aircraft noises) as opposed to low frequency sounds (ie traffic, truck noises). Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Question by Georgie

Cold water valve on farm tank water pressure system not closing or tank leak

Hissing sound from top back of tank. Used relief valve to relieve internal pressure , but not resolved. House water pump cycling, leading me to believe water still entering tank. No water (cold) as yet leaving HWS tank.

Rheem series 30 170 litre plexiglass outdoor HWS.

Any ideas much appreciated.


Question by Andre

Ducted heating vents


If I close some of these vents of my ducted heating, will it save energy? Or is the functions of those vents just for redirecting the heat?

Question by Hang Nguyen

West facing windows

I hope you can give me some advice.

I have a large window that faces due west. In summer the room is really hot, while in winter we freeze. I have already invested in some external blinds for the window which has helped a little for the summer heat, but I can't keep the room warm in winter, even with central heating.

What can I do to the window to help retain some warmth in the room? and at what cost?

Question by David

ceramic basin.

What is a difference between ceramic basin and
porcelain vitrified one. Which is more durable, easy to clean

Question by Zofia Guse