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Kitchen upgrade. Electrical installation and isolation switches

I'm in South Australia in case it makes a difference to rules! Installing a new flat pack kitchen soon with Gas cook-top (bottled gas) and electric under bench oven. I have seen and been told, conflicting things regarding the legal requirements for an isolation switch. If I have a Gas cook-top, do I still have to have an isolation switch installed for the Electric oven??
Thanks in anticipation, Lesley N.

Question by Lesley Newcombe


I have employed a builder to remove the two centre piers on my carport, which is under the main roof of the house.
I asked them to replace the concrete footings and 2 remaining brick piers, at the corners, with steel support posts. as I don't know the condition of the footings.They haven't done this and and have used the existing concrete footings with dyna bolts.The posts they have installed are only 3mm thick walls.The contract was verbally agreed and they are claiming that there was no mention of the above work and that it isn't needed.

Question by Ian Smith

Residential home insulation requiremnets

Can you please advise me the insulation requirements needed for a 15 sq relocatable residential park home brand new in Albury NSW

and would it be covered by the federal government insulation requirement of rating r4.1

Question by gillian rudge

Kitchen waste taps

I have a wheelchair user so we are installing a floating kitchen bench where the waste trap below the sink is exposed. For aesthetic reasons we want this to be as shallow as possible. Where can I find regulations or can you advise regulations on what is required for a kitchen sink waste trap. I have seen "Shallow Traps" but they have a shallower depth of water seal - are there limits regulated here?
Or am I allowed a bathroom sink style bottle trap?

Question by Will Ham

Insulating over fibro

House has plastic/vinyl cladding over fibro, so house is either cold or hot. I would like to remove vinyl cladding, use a sheet type insulation over the fibro and then use weatherboard as cladding. Is there a product that would do this or is it really not doable

Question by Les Langford

Demolition in Victoria

do I need a demolition license/registration to knock down small structures like chook sheds, garages, patios, pet enclosures and such?

Anything small such as these? Is it once you get to single storey structures that you need to be licensed/registered

Thinking of starting small in demo and want to be sure I am allowed to knock down certain things.



very thin NON combustible material to line bottom of wooden shelf

I want the name of a product that is fire resistant or at least retardant to attach to the bottom of of my wooden shelf which extends over the back 2 back gas hobs. It must be very thin and effective.

My home was built in the 50"s so the shelf has been in the same place since built.

However lately I have been told that it is outside the regulations, does anyone know of a suitable product, as I will not change the shelf.

Thank you for any input that will aid me in this issue

Sliding doors

We have just built a new house. Our back entry is two big sliding doors which measure 3600 x 2400 in size each. It has three double glazing glass panels each side. It is very heavy to operate. However it has only one set of handle on only one side. We are struggling to operate them especially the three panels without any handle to grip or hold.

However the supplier claim that it is the market standard that it have only one handle on one side of the doors disregards how big the doors are.

Question by Salyn Loh

Kitchen Bench - Height allowance of bench between a join

I would like to know the allowable Australian Standard to height variation on a kitchen benchtop between a join.

Our bench which is only 7mm in height and sits on a 33mm substrate is uneven between one of the two joins.

As you can see in the attached photo we've put a spirit level on the join to show how it's not flush.

The join is on a standard 600mm benchtop and the height variation starts approx 15mm from the benchtop edge and all the way to tiles.



Question by Pru Gallagher

Glass door

can someone please tell me how a glass sliding door works? or what type of glass is used ?

Question by iqra mustafa


Hi, I am wanting to do curved window reveals in the walls of a house im designing. the walls are 250mm thick, so i wanted to have them curved reveals on the vertical sides of the window only. the walls are made from hempcrete if this helps. Im having trouble finding render beading or trims which are curved not right angled. Does anyone know of a good product to use or how to do it?


Question by dominique hage

Pull out pantry distance from oven

Hi there

I'm having a new kitchen installed and I have a 300mm x 600mm cupboard next to the oven - I've been advised that I can't have a pull out pantry style here due to safety regulations but I can't find any such regulations online - any ideas on this please? I've seen ovens next to pull out pantries before.

Question by Melanie Coogan

tests of construction

thre are any tests to chek footing is perfect or not?

Question by anuj patil

Sub Floor Access Door

Does anyone make security type sub floor access doors - preferably with security mesh for ventilation. Sydney, NSW area

Question by rachel parmeter

Awning windows with internal security screens


Just wondering what the best way is to clean awning windows once a security screen has been fitting to the inside of the window.


Question by Melinda Thiedecke

Cob House at the beach

I am recently becoming very interested on building a cob house for a small land I have in the caribbean. I am wondering if there is disadvantages of constructing close to the beach, if so what can I do to minimize the weather impact on it? Please any input will be greatly appreciate it. I am looking forward to hear back from you.

Question by Mario Bernal

hip roof

what is the best book to use as a guide to build a roof, hip roof

Question by Fernando Bolsoni

wood stove hearth size

looking for the minimum size for a hearth under a slow combustion wood stove

Question by phil allen

Site costings for H1 soil type

Hello, I am building a house and got the site costing from the builder.

I am a bit surprised and not convinced with the costing. Considering the site is Class H which is leveled, filled and compacted as per required standards, the builder gave $19,281.95 site costing.

Question by Anand Sid

Wool Insulation Batts

Are there any suppliers in NSW / Australia of 100% wool batts ?
if not then which companies have highest % wool

Question by neil page