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Requirement to change street light bulb within commercial building

Do i need to hire a electrician to change the street light bulb (See attached picture) within commercial building assuming i have a scissor lift and a licensed operator. (or do i even need licensed ewp operator if it is within a ladder reach). Thanks for your help.

Question by HangChuen Lew

Concrete bench top moisture barrier for cupboards


when you pour a concrete bench top onsite over existing cupboards do you suggest a "moisture barrier" (black plastic) be placed under the concrete to protect the cupboards


Question by laurie purcell

Pepairing a deck between 1.0 m and 2.1m off the ground

Hello, I am thinking of replacing the treated pine deck and replacing it with merbau or spotted gum. At the same time replacing the vertical timber slats with Stainless steel wire. The height of the top hand rail is in excess of 1.00M. The distance between the posts varies from 80cm and 356cm . Can you advise the distance required between the posts if I go ahead with the stainless wire. There are 9 cypress posts in total 100 x 100mm, incl. gateThree of the posts hold up a colourbond bullnose roof 140cm wide.

Question by Jim Kennedy

Safety Glass

I have a sliding glass door (33" x 75") on the interior of my rental property that leads from the living room to a sun room. Does the glass in this door need to be laminated safety glass?

Question by Adam Van Hise

straw bale installation

Does straw bale installation meet the BCA standards

Question by Simon Verrender


Dear Madam/Sir,

I am planning to build a high school in Kenya, Mid sized, initial student population ;500, on 10 acres. Do you have any advice on where i can start or sample estimates & plans, i dont have any experience in the building sector.

Thank you,


Question by Solomon Wekhomba

laundry window

hi i was wondering is there a law where you have to have a window in a laundry?
i am about to renovate ,my laundry and the window that is in i want it removed and dont know if i need to still keep a window or by law?

Question by Callum Honey

window ventilation

we want to buy an apartment which only has glass bricks for light instead of an opening window. There is ducted airconditioning in the room but no opening window. Is this allowable? We would think this is possibly a health hazard.

Question by diana sier

Separation Walls between dwellings

Hi Guys,
I just have Qs relating to masonry wall construction between 2 units I am building.
I would like to know can I use the following?
I have been looking at BCA requirements and also was given information from the brick suppliers.
But I am still a little unclear as to understand if it is an acceptable construction...?
I would like to know if I can use the following...

Question by Baz Clarke

Aggregate size

what size of aggregate to use for residential house slab? 14 mm or 20 mm


Interior stone cladding on plywood

In my apartment, behind the TV panel, i have covered the wall (to a height of 7 ft) with marine plywood. I want to fix cladding stones on the plywood. What is the recommended adhesive to stick the cladding stones on plywood?

Question by maj dev

Rangehood requirement


I am building a house and my builder made a mistake by only leaving 200mm gap between my cooktop and sink in the kitchen, although I have made a variation (signed off) to increase the gap to 400mm.

After my inspection (rangehood, oven & sink installed), I made a complain about it and they said they are willing to the cooktop but not the rangehood & oven, with the comment below.

Question by Sylvia Hartono

Wood heater installation regulations

I'm looking at installing a wood heater in an existing home in QLD. Does anyone know where I can find information about the regulations regarding installation? For example: flooring, position from walls, whether the walls need to be firecheck...? Thanks.

Question by Amber Mary

maximum drop from door to deck

what is the maximum drop from a doorway to a deck

Question by Michael Cripps

Kitchen sink size and what really is the difference between expensive sinks and cheap ones?

Hi there,

My first time on this site. I want to install a square flush mount sink but am unsure as to what size kitchen sink I should install in an island bench which is 2900 long and 900 wide


I could spend up big on an Oliveri or Smeg for eg, but do I need to?

I have seen sinks on ebay more than half the price of a smeg or oliveri.

Question by Jennifer Maxfield

noise reduction on double glazing ???

Hi there, I 've heard that different thicknesses of glass in double glazing is effective for noise reduction. I'm interested in one laminated 6mm thick glass & one 4mm thick glass in a single double glazed unit . QUESTION : Does it matter which one goes on the outside or not ??? Many thanks, Vicky

Question by Vicky Baker


do I need a building for a sun room on a deck

Oven door temperature

We have a tenant complaining that the oven door is hotter than it should be. Is there a standard that refers to a particular maximum temperature for the door of an oven?


Question by Graham Byles

Timber deck

what are the regulations on spacings for stumps, bearers and joists when building a deck? We live in Victoria.


Question by fred forza

Concrete Slab

My site come with H1soil type with 600mm fill but there is no fill developer design and architect they suggest to put nearly 32piers, Is there any other way to slab inn as I already sign fixed site cost contract and its getting delay on my house and how much its cost and how deep I have to go if I did not put any piers.

Question by Ramandeep Singh