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Wood heater installation regulations

I'm looking at installing a wood heater in an existing home in QLD. Does anyone know where I can find information about the regulations regarding installation? For example: flooring, position from walls, whether the walls need to be firecheck...? Thanks.

Question by Amber Mary

maximum drop from door to deck

what is the maximum drop from a doorway to a deck

Question by Michael Cripps

Kitchen sink size and what really is the difference between expensive sinks and cheap ones?

Hi there,

My first time on this site. I want to install a square flush mount sink but am unsure as to what size kitchen sink I should install in an island bench which is 2900 long and 900 wide


I could spend up big on an Oliveri or Smeg for eg, but do I need to?

I have seen sinks on ebay more than half the price of a smeg or oliveri.

Question by Jennifer Maxfield

noise reduction on double glazing ???

Hi there, I 've heard that different thicknesses of glass in double glazing is effective for noise reduction. I'm interested in one laminated 6mm thick glass & one 4mm thick glass in a single double glazed unit . QUESTION : Does it matter which one goes on the outside or not ??? Many thanks, Vicky

Question by Vicky Baker


do I need a building for a sun room on a deck

Oven door temperature

We have a tenant complaining that the oven door is hotter than it should be. Is there a standard that refers to a particular maximum temperature for the door of an oven?


Question by Graham Byles

Timber deck

what are the regulations on spacings for stumps, bearers and joists when building a deck? We live in Victoria.


Question by fred forza

Concrete Slab

My site come with H1soil type with 600mm fill but there is no fill developer design and architect they suggest to put nearly 32piers, Is there any other way to slab inn as I already sign fixed site cost contract and its getting delay on my house and how much its cost and how deep I have to go if I did not put any piers.

Question by Ramandeep Singh

Decking Oil Application

Why is it not recommended that a lambswool roller not be used to apply decking oil. This method should get better coverage as the deck we are going to apply it to is outside and even after sanding will not be fully flat.

Question by Brian Roche

Party wall

We have a party wall between the 2 town house. This wall or building was fully constructed at end of November 2012. We have realised that the sound of someone walking down the staircase could be heard from otherside. We also realised that the the plaster board is put on directly to the brickwork of the partywall. After carefully checking our plans, it is clear to me that the builder did not build according to the plans recommendation.
How can I prove that the builder has cut corners? and what can i do from here? how can I hold the builder liable?

Question by si vincent


We are having a deck built and I am enquiring as to whether we are able to have horizontal tensioned wire around the area. The maximum height of the finished deck is about 1.5 metres at the highest coming down to ground level. The builder we are looking to use said that we can only have vertical below the handrail with no climbable elements. Can you please let me know about the regulations.

Question by Karen Ruddy

Toilet pan installation

Can a toilet pan be installed using silicon as opposed to a cement bed? What are the regulations regarding this?

Question by William Thomson

Bringing a Canadian made Fireplace back to Australia

Hi There, I am an Australian living temporarily in the US. Normally I live in NSW (Murrumbateman) just outside of Canberra. I want to put a fireplace into my home in Murrumbateman when I return to Australia and I have been looking at different types over here. I was wondering if the Pellet systems are being used in Australia yet? They are very popular here in the US. They are also a lot cheaper to buy here and if they meet Australian standards I was thinking of bringing one back with me to be installed in my Aussie home.

Question by Sandra Cohayney

Waffle Slabs?

Are waffle slabs any good or are they a disaster waiting to happen? Should I invest more money in my build to get a stiffened raft slab?

Question by Elise Jacoby

Lighting Requirements

Hi, just wondering about rules/regs on lighting such as down lights in cupboards. I'm changing half of my daughters clothes cupboard into a desk study area. looking at putting lights of some kind in. Downlights in the ceiling have to be isolated from insulation. Or are they ok because they are only running off 12volts. Don't know.

Question by Chicky

Decking - Permit requirements

Hi, I want to have a small deck built onto the side of our house, and we want it to adhere to the requirements of our local council (Darebin) so that our application will be granted a permit, but I am unable to find out what the can do's/can't do's are. Ie distance from boundary fence. Is there a resource for this information? I can't find it on any local council websites in Victoria.

Question by Charlotte Tizzard

Minimum door width

What are the minimum widths for habitable areas or in my case the bathroom entrance door minimum width?

Awaiting reply

Oven installation

Installing free standing oven with stainless steel splash back. Guide states that the wall behind must be "fire resistant". Is there an AS on that? If so where can I source materials? Or, is the current Masonite wall with the stainless steel splash back enough?

Question by Tk

Double glazed or laminate glass windows

Hi, we are building a new house and thinking of double glazed doors and windows for energy efficiency and noise control. I have also heard of laminate glass. Can I have some feedback on these glass options?

Question by Doris Chua

Can I install a hot water system under my house?

What are the rules in Brisbane around the location of a typical gas hot water cylinder. I need to move mine and I was wondering can I put it under the house (Queenslander on piles)?

Question by kirsty macpherson