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Front patio flooring

Sometime over the history of my 60 year old house, it was built underneath with a garage directly under the patio. I don't think it should be like this but it can't be changed now.

Up until this weekend, the patio floor was covered with very old, severely deteriorated stick on vinyl tiles, which were stuck onto some kind of board, which was nailed to the original floor boards. I've pulled up the tiles and board they were stuck to and now the floor boards are exposed.

Question by CLC

Timber Doors - glazing

I'm interested to know whether AS2047, AS 1170.2 apply to glazed timber doors in designated cyclone areas? Building codes stipulate compliance is required with these standards. I understand AS1288 applies, but am uncertain about the other two.

Should AS2047 & AS1170.2 also apply to the same doors in non-cyclone designated areas?

Thank you,


Question by Langfitt Trading

Garage Doors

I am looking at getting a new garage door to replace 2 roller doors that have seen better days. I’m a big fan of the timber-look doors that are quite popular at the moment but I went to Dandenong Garage Doors (stockist of B&D garage doors) to get an idea of price and the guy there literally talked me out of getting a B&D "Timber Coat" door.

Question by Jacqui W

looking for easy/cheap ventilation ideas for a pantry door

Wanted to replace a pantry door which needs to always stand open- in the way -so heat doesn't build up in my pantry, with a louvered ventilated door but can't find any locally in nsw/aust- seems to be an american thing to do. Any suggestions/ideas which are cheap/simple? also looking for someone to install two sliding cavity doors in Penrith district (NSW)

Question by janelle michels

Red dirt under tiles

Hi, We have just had the tiles taken up in the toilet and bathroom floor in preparation for a renovation but under the toilet tiles is a thick, rather earthy smelling red dust. Is this harmful or likely to cause problems with the re-laying of the new floor? The same dust/dirt wasn't under the bathroom floor which was tiled with the same tiles and presumably at the same time (1960's)

Question by Nat A

Installing an oven in a cabinet

We have bought a new oven and cooktop to replace the freestanding one and would like to know if the Oven simply sits in the base of the cabinet?
I suspect the oven is designed to keep its heat internal but wouldn't there be some heat generated on the outside that would in turn heat up the cabinet itself?

Question by Jerome

Carport ceiling

I have a timber carport 7320 mm diagonally with one roof truss in the middle what would I have to do structure wise if I want to put a ceiling on this & use the roof as storage

Question by Scott

Glass hot plate

We are doing our own kitchen and we want to make sure we do it right, have cut a hole in bench top for hot plate but it has only about 2mm gap between wood and hot plate vents, is that okay or should it be wider?

Question by maregaret bird

Shower silicone

The silicone at the base of the shower between floor and wall tiles was coming off. It is a relative new house 2 years old. They waterproofed the floor and put a solid plastic hob around the shower that comes up about an inch above the finished floor tiles. The builder raved about these being the best thing to prevent leaks.

The silicone failed I believe because the space in the caulked gap when you stick a knife into it is quite deep almost 2cm horizontal and downwards and the old silicone was not sticking in places to anything behind.

My question is:

Question by Garth

Door size

Hiya there,

My name is Kiki, I am doing my home renovation right now. and I ordered internal doors from overseas. unfortunately the sizes were difference to our standard door size. not only that, all doors are 2000mm in height instead of 2040mm. I tried to get some information on line like BCA, but I am not their member.

My question is: 660mm x 2000mm x 35mm and 760mm x 2000mm x 35mm still okay for domestic house internal doors? can some of you could indicate me what is the requirement for residential house doors under the BCA?

I really appreciate it.

Question by Kiki Chang

Water damage from a flooded bath tub

I ran at least 250 gallons of water from my bathtub.

Question by Laurie

GPO adjacent to vanity basin

We are building a new home through a registered builder. We need to install a double GPO on the side of a vanity unit due to restrictions on the wall from an internal sliding door.
We have a vanity tap approx. 100mm in from the end of the vertical side of the vanity unit where the GPO is to be fitted.
We are more than 1 metre from the bath and the shower is much further away and screened.
Q1. How far below the vanity bench top must the GPO be installed and
Q2. is there any other regulatory requirement?

Thanks in advance.

Question by Roley

Solar or Instantaneous Gas System

Our old electric hot water system is dying. It has been wonderful up to this point, in that we have never run out of old water.

We are both around 60 years old, what would you advise getting a solar system connection to electricity or, a gas instantaneous system. We realise solar is the best way to go for the environment but wonder if it will be the most cost effective way for us to go, given that it will take us 10 years or so to recoup the outlay. We have 3 adults living in our home sometimes four.

Question by Robyn Farry

Roofing Material - is it asbestos?

I am considering buying what I think was built late 60's early 70's. The roof material is approx 2.5inches thick and looks like compressed paper. The exposed side that you can see from the interior of the home looks like it has backing on it kind of like formica. I am trying to confirm if it does or does not contain asbestos.

Slight electrical tingle when I touch the kitchen tap

Every time I touch the kitchen tap I get a small electric shock. It's not enough to hurt but it worries me. Do I need to fix this?

Question by Paula Kwan

Lights dimming when appliances are turned on


I've noticed the lights in my house go dimmer when I turn on the air conditioner, the oven or some other appliances. What causes this? Is this a problem?

Question by Paula Kwan

Removing and replacing wood heater

we wish to replace tiles under our freestanding woodheater, where can we seek advice as to how to do this ourselves? Unsure about how the flue is connected to heater.

Question by Sheryl Rainbird

Free-standing oven - space requirements with cupboards

We are renovating our kitchen and adding a 900mm freestanding electric oven with gas cooktop - the plan was to fit it in between the new kitchen cupboards we are planning (but havent purchased yet) but have been told by a family member that we need 250mm either side of the oven where there can be no cupboards. Is this correct? Can the benchtop be right up to the cooktop? If we cant have the cupboards built right up to the oven is there anything we can place there so there is no gaps - I'm not really keen on having gaps!!
Thank you!

Question by Ashleigh

Ventilation issues in unit

We own a unit which has 2 bathrooms with no working mechanical ventilation and no windows. I am just wondering what the law states about ventilation in a bathroom with no windows.

Kind regards

Question by Mattis Kopstad

External GPO near taps

How close to an external tap can GPO be?

Question by Nicole