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Sloping for existing deck

We have a second uncovered story walking deck that is currently covered with roofing paper/shingle. It puddles when it rains. It's really hot to walk on in the summer. We want to use the space all year long. How can it be slopped and what type of flooring? It faces north.

Question by Melissa

Does damaged waterproofing matter if I have a concrete slab floor?

My house is on a concrete slab and the waterproofing in my bathroom has broken, should I be concerned about damage to areas that are not visible?

Question by Linda

Cleaning a pop up drain

My bathroom sink was clogged. I looked up how to detach the pop-up from the sink so that I could clear out the scum. Most videos show a metal ball/ring with a clip to detach. Mine does not have this. My pop-up is connected to a plastic tubing that connects to the drain with a plastic cylinder shape. I am now having trouble getting the pop-up back up and working correctly AND it is leaking where this "popup connector" connects to the drain. Is there any videos/resources that I can go to to help me reconnect this?

Question by Lynette

Is marble OK in saunas?

Are marble walls ok for a sauna?

Question by jim

A bigger - longer - bath tub


I am over 6 feet (180 cm) tall and looking for a longer bath tub if possible.

My current tub is about 710-715 cm wide (or deep) at its widest/deepest and this part is OK - but at the moment i am a bit overweight and itis a BIT of a squeeze.

The tub i have is 1440 mm long/wide, at the maximum, and then there is a shelf at the end of it that is 320 mm wide/long.

Can i go to a tub that is 1700 long, and if it was a bit deeper it would be OK - the extra depth would make up for the lack of extra length.

Question by Allan Smith

Shower drainage - "U" bend

We are installing a shower over a reinforced concrete slab.
The outlet is very near the wall where the slab finishes.
My question is Can the "U" bend be positioned beyound the slab (but well before the sewer inlet) so that we don't have to cut the reinforced slab or must we have the "U" bend immediately below the shwer outlet?.

Note: there is adequate "fall" with either solution.

Question by Patrick

Is my column heater using too much electricity?

How long would you consider the lifespan of column heaters. Mine is about 7 years and recently the electricity bill has gone up and I wonder whether it is the column heaters that is enabling this high consumption. Please advise.

Many thanks.

Question by Maureen

Can I leave an oil heater on for a long time?

We have a small oil heater that we leave on all night in our childs bedroom. Are these safe to leave on for long periods of time and should a door be left open for ventilation?

Question by Danelle Jordan

Cost of cladding a house

Am looking at cladding our house, it's a small 2 bedroom, whats the approx cost?

Question by michelle clark

Door sizes and cost

Hiya, we are renovating and can pay a lot of money to increase hallway thus area opening and thus change door size, at present our door size is standard 820 etc so really is it worth all the extra cost???

Question by BEC

Enclosed garages ventilation requirements


In Sydney, NSW,
What regulations apply to the venting of garage doors in an enclosed garage area ?

Should doors be vented at the top or bottom of the doors ?


Question by Andrew

Home Theatre Sound insulation

Hi there,

My builder has installed R2.0 Rockwool Soundscreen insulation in the internal walls and ceiling joist space of my home theatre. I would like to be able to use my surround sound without impacting the people in the room above the theatre. Is the solution provided by my builder going to be sufficient? Please can you advise and quote. The size of the room is 4.5m x 4.0m. Windows are double glazed and have ordered semi-solid doors.

Kind Regards,

Jason Friedland

Question by Jason Friedland

Can plumbers do waterproofing?

Are plumbers able to line the walls and complete the waterproofing in a bathroom renovation or is this another trade's role? Thanks

Question by Melissa

Gas Sauna Heater in Australia

Hi, I would like to buy a gas sauna heater and havent managed to find anyone in Australia selling them. I could order one from the USA but thought you might be able to direct me to an Australian dealer. I live in Perth and as I dont have 3 phase in my home I want to go with the natural gas option.

Question by Nigel Parker

Flue leaking water into our combustion stove

Why is water coming into our combustion stove following moderate to heavy rain? The flue opening is 800mm higher than the roof penetration and 3600mm horizontally from the roof ridge. The colorbond roof slopes at 25 degrees.
Is the 800mm flue height insufficient?

Question by Chris Kojan

Sub Structure for external deck.

Hi I am planning an external deck at +/- ground level., I have quantities of 100 x 50 x 3mm & 50 x 50 x 3mm galvanised RHS available, to build 8 m x 5 m deck, then clad with 19 mm recycled Jarrah., with 5 mm gaps. What centres ought I work to ?? Thanks,

Question by Cliff Giles

Stump removal

Hi, we are currently having our block cleared by a local tree removal company. I am concerned that during this time of year with all the rain should he be filling the holes in straight away after the tree has been pushed over, so they don’t fill with water and course the ground to be boggy.

Question by Treyna

Regulation re closeness of power point to a gas oven/hotplate

Hi, we are putting a large gas oven with hotplates into an existing kitchen area and wanted to know if there is a specific distance that power points must be located away from the oven.

Question by Cynthia

Building materials

In one of the Grand Designs programme on Lifestyle channel there was a house build where they assemble panels for the walls where it just speeds up the time. What material would be used for that?

Question by Chooi-Nee

Burned splashback

I accidentally burned the splashback (made from resin based quartz). The distance from the spalshback to the edge of cooktop is merely 3.2 cm. The distance from splashback to the gas stove /the jet is 8.5 cm. The gas jet is the second biggest with 10 cm diameter.

I have checked the Australian law for installing gas stove. The distance from splashback to edge has to be minimum of 5 cm and the distance from splashback to actual gas is has to be 20 cm.

Question by nova