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Flue installation

Hello. Would you be able to tell me if there is any paper work required fro flue installation? I have a friend with experience with installing flue's and can install it for me much cheaper than a tradesman, but can not provide any paper work. Doe to the fact that I am renting I want to check if ever any paper work will be required, certificates etc for this installation.


Question by Natalie

Wood heater install from non-combustible wall

Hi everyone,

I purchased an ultimate supreme 25 to be installed in a smaller than normal area due to some building constraints. I originally had it measured and it worked perfectly for the restrictions of installation as long as the wall behind was non-combustible. I am trying to get my hands on this information again however no one can provide me specific help on this topic and I need to work this all out with my plumber ASAP. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Question by Rebecca Fraser

AS2918 and pot belly stove installation

I am intending to instal a wood fuel (pot belly) stove. I want to set the hearth down into the wooden floor so that the top of it is flush, level with the floor. This is desirable so that the hearth is not a "trip" hazard. What specs & materials should be considered? In principle the council is OK with the recessing option but cannot give the details I need to have a tradesman do the job.

Question by victoria sadowsky

Electrical switchboard in home unit building

We have an electrical switchboard in a block of units built 1964. We are told there are some defective fuses and they want to change main neutral link to 100 amp link and 3 unmetered active links to 3 x 100 amp active links, 2 unmetered neutral links to 2 x 100 amp. Single insulated electrical cable to double as required on a timber panel.
The work would cost $2090 and power would be interrupted for 2days. bring it up to standard ADS 3000/07. Council officer says that as we were built in 60's work does not need to be done. Committee divided. Can you advise please?

Question by carol

Plastic pipes and electrical conductivity

Hi and thank you for the opportunity,

Owner Builder, I am currently adding a few rooms to an existing 30-year-old home in an outer suburb of Melbourne. The addition features PLEX/Sharkbite plastic pipes throughout.

Principal and paramount Question: Do these pipes earth? Currently required to install power outlets/points certain distances away from plumbing fixtures or, if closer, inside shaving cabinets or similar enclosures.

Question by Dieter Hoffmann

Insulating the walls of an existing weatherboard house

From your reply to Sarah, you detail that a Blow-in Cellulose is a good way to go, however, what about the vapour barrier, or does one not need this with that type of insulation.



Question by David Fleming

Regulations bath-to-wall distance


I was wondering if there are any distance requirements in a bathroom between the wall and a built-in tub (top flange)?

I notice upon inspection of properties many tubs have their flange embedded into the wall is this a regulatory requirement (in Victoria) or can they sit some distance from the wall (say 50-100mm)?


Question by James

Wood fire!!

I am unsure of the "compliance plate details" because the wood heater that I need advice on, is installed inside a pre existing fire place. It is facing diagonally from the corner of a loungeroom and is set back and is surrounded by brickwork. Only the very front of the wood fire is able to be seen and the compliance plate is not in view.

Question by Natalie Gibbons

Legal GPO distance from gas stove top in Australia

Hi we are designing our kitchen bench top and need to know the required distance a GPO has to be away from a gas 4 burner stove top and also away from a single basin sink.
Many thanks.

Question by JoAnn

GPOS position

How low from the ground can you put GPOs on the outside wall (front house)?

Question by Basia

Walls / Party Wall or Absence Of

One side of the extended back section of a single storey cottage terrace I purchased does not have a brick wall on my side of the boundary. The neighbour's side has a brick wall and the second half of my house goes right up against the neighbour's brick wall.

Question by Westhart

Ideal roof material

What is the best material to use on a roof for thermal efficiency? The roof has to be able to keep heat in in the winter and reflect a massive amount of heat in the summer. Cost does not matter.

Question by vincent

Concealed cisterns


I needed to know if I could place the Concealed Cistern for a Wall Hung Water Closet on an adjacent wall without placing it exactly behind the WC ? And what would be the repercussions, if any, when done ? I would also like to place both the Cistern and Push Plates on the same adjacent wall. I would appreciate if you could help me out with this as I am about to redesign my toilet very soon.

Thanking You,


manas misra

Question by manas misra

polished boards in bathroom

hi we have relocated an old house which currently has polished floor board in bathroom laundry we want to keep the floors, the rooms need complete renovation except for the floor, but we have been advised we may have to cover the floors with a tiles for these wet areas as we are altering them. Is there anyway around these my sealing the floors better etc?

Question by valerie

Heater flue height

I want to install a wood heater on a single story back family room extension which will be overlooked by the second story of my home. How high does or should the flue be above the extension. Does it need to extend to the hight of the second level so that smoke doesn't waft under the eaves? Also how far should the flue be from my next door neighbours house which is also two stories? Thanks

Question by Terry Phillips

Toilets with built in bidet

I would like a toilet with a built in bidet that has water temperature but it also needs to be fitted into a unit. Do you know where I could buy one??

Question by nancy killen

Standard door sizing

I want to buy a fly screen door. I measured my doorway roughly with a tape measure and it was 80mm x 200mm. The doors seem to vary as in 205mm x 806mm. I dont want to buy a door that doesn't fit. Pls help. Thankyou, Sue

Question by sue wilson

Painting veneered surfaces

I have a veneered particle board tall boy who's colour is dated. I have some paint left over from decorating a bedroom and thought the colour would look nice on the tall boy. Can veneered surfaces (such as the tall boy) be painted if lightly sanded? If not, any ideas for updating the colour (currently yucky brown, want to update in a cotton or white colour

Question by Eliza Ryan-Bowley

Skillion roof shed

Is it okay to make a skillion roof that slopes down 2 feet over a shed that is 12 feet wide? I want to build the shed as a hip on the garage so the high edge of the shed roof needs to tie into the low edge of the garage roof.

Sorry about the use of feet versus cm.

Question by Bob

Can blueboard be used as an external wall material?

Why do some builders use blueboard/concrete sheet as external wall now - isn't that supposed to be used as internal material? Is it safe to use blueboard/concrete sheet as the external wall?

Question by nana