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Ceiling recessed light fixture retrofit of lenses


I have 27 recessed lights in the house I rent. I lose a LOT of heat up them into the attic.

I want to install covers on the BOTTOM of the fixtures - the ROOM side.
NOT over the top in the attic.
I have seen many fixtures with flat glass on the room side, so it seems like a sane thing for me to install something to stop the heat loss.

Regretfully, my Google searches have yielded nothing... So I am reaching out to you here on

Question by Drew

Is roof insulation compulsory?

Hi, I have just moved into a rental home that is 3 years old and have noticed that there is no insulation in the ceiling.the house is in the zone 6 could you please tell me it it is a legal requirement for a new building to be insulated.
Thank you

Question by Janet Tugwell

Benchtop of spotted gum

Hi, I am thinking of using spotted gum for my kitchen island benchtop but have heard that it has problems with warping. Someone told me that there is a 60% chance that the timbers in the bench would warp. I find that hard to believe as so many companies recommend spotted gum for bench tops.
Can you advise?

With thanks, Susan

Question by Susan Van

Cost of replacing an asbestos hip roof

what sort of cost should i be expecting to replace a rectangular hip roof on a 1984 built QLD highset weatherboard upper, bricked in lower with external stairs to front door?

Question by Andrew

AS2918 and installation of a wood heater

Also cannot afford to buy AS2918 just to answer one question before I install my wood heater. Manufacturer's installation state minimum clearances and make no mention of extra cladding on the wall behind the heater. Plumber insists that I put extra fibro and tiling to make it comply but manufacturer only gives clearances with and without a flue shield. Attard sheet metal state no extra wall shield needed if installed per mfg's installation instructions. How do I convince my plumber?

Question by Robyn Waller

Screw piers

Hi! We are planning our next building project and are interested in the possibility of using screw piers rather than steel stumps concreted in. My partner spoke by phone to a screw pier foundation company, who told him that you need to concrete these in too, and they talked about the corrosion of the piers as ground level. Would you please clarify how suitable, quick and simple screw piers really are? Our soil test says soil is H1
Thanks, Leonie

Question by Leonie

Wifi routers and electromagnetic radiation

Hi, I'm not paraticularly tech minded, so just a couple of questions on wifi. Technology is a great thing, but what about electromagnetic radiation from being surrounded by wifi? I suppose it is something that you wouldn't just turn off when you are not using the internet, but would that have any merit, and can you "just turn it off"?
Many thanks, Leonie

Question by Leonie

How to clean exterior weathboard cladding

Hi, I would like to give the outside of my house a good wash. Its weatherboard cladding, horizontal. Can I just use soapy water and then rinse off with the house? Or can you suggest something I can mix together myself or should I buy a certain product to do this?
Any suggestions would be appreciated?
Thank you

Question by Debbie Itagbo

Set top box setup

Hello I bought a set top box autosonic... ive tuned al channnels as required it doesnt matter what I have done basic format to googleing other formats wont do anything... now im getting every single channel but im not getting channel 9 im getting auto but no pitcher.....

Question by anna

Pergola footings

Just querying whether or not I need to undertake a structural engineer for a deck and pergola on a "P" Class rated site

Question by Rod Whitaker

Glass sliding door certification

I bought my house last year and was looking to upgrade the existing glass sliding doors by getting the fly screen doors fixed to them as we have separate fly screen doors on the outside that swing out. I realised that the glass doors were added to the building later and I could not find a certificate for them. I have found the bills for them, however the business was sold a few years ago. These glass doors were made and installed in 1991 as per the bills. How do I find out if the certificates were issued or not?

Question by Seema


Does a non HD STB affect HDTV?

Question by Ramachandra

Kitchen cabinet kickboards

I am remodeling my kitchen. I would like to use a mirror-like kick board that would reflect my solid timber floors. I have seen them in magazines, one describes it as a laminate mirror. Who supplies this product? I would like to see a sample. Is it easily scratched?

Question by Margie Azmi




Question by DAWN

Wall and floor materials, and waterproofing

Hi- I have been told you can use villaboard on the walls for the tiles to stick to but I would have thought blueboard which is waterproof and possible a better surface for the tiles- what do you suggest?
Also can I apply the water proof to the walls

Thanks Noel

Question by Noel Baxter

Are my windows compliant?


Question by Jan Brammy

Set Top Box Installation

I want to connect a STB to my Panasonic DVD Recorder Model DMR-EZ48V. Panasonic assures me that this recorder is DIGITAL-READY and capable of receiving the digital channels with a STB.
I am only interested in a simple connection using a STB that has no extra features.
The recorder is currently connected to a Panasonic Digital Television using the red, yellow and white connectors.
Hoping you able to assist,

Question by Rod Fuller

Portable AC

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've been looking at getting an air conditioner for some time now but am at a loss as far as what system to buy. Seeing we're renting, our options are limited in that we can't make permanent installations. I've spent hours reading various forums where there seems to be agreement on portable ACs being a poor solution.

Question by Magnus

Online / offline glass

Two bungalows have had their double glazed windows replaced by the same company. Both have net curtains at the windows. The white curtains look brown from the outside on one bungalow but the curtains on the other bungalow just have a very slight tint. Could this be due to the online offline coating used on the glass. Is there any difference in the cost of the glass treated with either method?. Both customers requested that the glas should be the same for both installations. As one of the bungalows is mine I would be very interested in your reply. Mnay thanks.
Brian Roberts

Question by Mr B