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Importing Windows

May I please understand the requirements for importing Windows into Australia?
Are there any certifications that are required prior to importing?

Question by Maneesh Shah

Rooftop Terrace

Hi there,
We're buying a townhouse in Melbourne, and the build is being managed by the vendor - not us.

We are getting a rooftop terrace, but we're not sure about the load/weight bearing requirements that we should expect. Is there an industry standard per square metre for example?

It's a small home, and we were hoping to put a spa on the rooftop terrace to really enjoy the space, but it seems that's a no go.


Question by Coralie Sneddon

Kitchen Renovation - new stove/ oven distance from old fuel stove


I have purchased a house that still has its original fuel stove, which is still functional. I am wanting to update/renovate the kitchen and was wondering if there is a required minimum distance that I would need to keep a new electric or gas cooker/ stove from the fuel stove.


Question by Susan Morgan

Car port renovation

Hi guys,

My house is a old house where the carport is rotten and I wish to remove the carport and build the same one for one car to be parked there. So I wish to know how much will it cost to build the carport.


Question by Sam Murugan

Cabinetry above Electric Cooktop

I am replacing my kitchen cabinetry and am having a cabinet 600mm above my cook top.
The cook top is located in a nook between a window and doorway to the outside so there is plenty of ventilation.
The cabinetmaker insists that it is compulsory to have a range hood installed? . Is he correct?

Question by Susan Allison

Builder does not provide switches for rangehood and oven in the kitchen area

Hello team,

The builder just completed the construction of my new home and handed it over to me, however there are not electrical switches for the rangehood and oven, only available switch on/off the appliances are in the outdoor metre box via grouped breaker. Could you advise if this comply with building standard? Is it commonly seen in the new built house electrical designs? Should this be made known to the owner for selection on whether having those two switches in the kitchen area?

Best Regards,

Stanley Huang

Question by Stanley Huang

Rangehood size vs cooktop size


Is there a NSW (or Australian) code that mandates the minimum rangehood size vs cooktop size? I have a 600mm rangehood for a 750mm cooktop installed and I don't think it is right. I would assume that the rangehood should cover at least the width of the cooktop.

I am looking for code/legislation but also expert advise.


Question by Mauricio Salazar

Hot Water deadlegs

I have friend in a new retirement village with central hot water. It takes an inordinate time to run hot suggesting excessive dead legs runs.
Where can I find the regulations re this as the NCC Vol 3 is not definitive.
Currently there is a lot of wasted water and electricity

Question by Simon Cracknell

BCA deckregulations

Trying to find out exactly what I need to do for footings and bearers for my deck and whether or not I need bracing. Bearers and joists are 50x 100 seasoned karri and deck boards are 22mmx 135mm seasoned karri.

Question by Christy Breen


Hey, i am a tiler and a bathroom renovator in Melbourne. I am a qualified tiler and licensed waterproofer. Occasionally i come into contact with a rotten joist of bearer. Mostly Joists. Do i need to employ a qualified carpenter with structural framing experience to replace it? Also if i find a single stump that is affected by water damage can i repair that also. As long as i am building to australian standards. Isn't it ok if i do the works if it is under a certain dollar figure?

safety glass sliding doors

Hi. Is a seller of glass doors required to ensure that they are safety glass compliant here in QLD? If not, is it legal for him to advertise them and sell them?

Question by wayne ralph

Moving a load bearing wall less than 1m

We have moved a load bearing wall less than 1 metre back in towards the middle of the house.
Is there a 'safe' distance to move this wall, or should we re-inforce with a steel beam in the ceiling?

Question by Kathryn Reddie

Certificate of Occupancy

Can we occupy the Property(QLD) with only Form 61(Pending completion of Retaining wall) provided by the builder? Form 21 will only be issued once retaining wall outside the house but within the property boundaries is completed.

The Builder said that we just need to fully pay them and we can occupy the house even without the Form 21. Is that legal??

Thanks for any help.


Can a rangehood be flued into the ceiling space?

Question by Janet Facey

Solar Hot Water Unit installation inside house

Hi there,

We are in the design stage of building our house and want to install the hot water service in the laundry inside a cupboard. Is this allowed in Victoria Australia?


Question by Joanne Bertuna

Cook top Position on Island Bench

My friend has asked me to help with colours & some guidance with her new home.
She has just given me the floor plans & I am worried about the position of the cook top on the island bench that the architect has drawn up.
Is it took close to the edge?? for safety & for children?? I can't seem to find any info when I google this question.

Can you help please
Many Thanks
Arlene Parsons

Question by Arlene Parsons

Mortar thickness tolerances QLD

My brickwork is really rough, and I am after the tolerances allowed in construction (QLD). Vertical mortar joins range in thickness from 7mm to 20mm - is this acceptable?
Also, Brickbond is staggered from bottom to top - is there an allowable deviation for this? Horizontal bed joints are also not straight.
I have attached a pic of our front "feature" wall to illustrate my concerns - is this acceptable?
Thank you

Question by Bridget Gonzalez

Electrical rough in tolerances

We are having our first home built in QLD, and I am concerned about the way the electrical wiring has been put in our home. We have electrical wires that span across the frame in some parts of the house, and none of the wiring appears to run along the frames (as I have seen in other constructions). Is this safe and within tolerances for QLD? I m concerned if I decide to put a nail in the plaster post handover that I will hit an electrical wire floating in the wall. Advice please.

Question by Bridget Gonzalez

bathroom underflowing

I am planning a reno/extension - should i put cement sheeting (19mm) as underfloor structure in bathroom, then waterproof and tile
can I use yellow tongue, 6mm cement sheeting on top and waterproof?

should I use cement sheeting on the walls for tiling or is Aquacheck plasterboard (13mm) suitable for wall tiling?

thanks so much Jonathan

Question by Jonathan Zion

Soundproofing levels

Hi there,

Question by Olga Robson